Selecting Hearing Radio Make It To Episode #100

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Can’t Live Without My Radio – Selective Hearing

Later on today, Greg will be recording the 100th epside of Selective Hearing Radio. I can remember when Greg was first starting his show and it’s come a long way since then. In his preview, he admittedly says that it took him a while to get comfortable hosting the show. He’s really come into his own lately though. I personally like Selective Hearing Radio because it blends Greg’s J-pop/K-pop interests with his house mixes and hip hop interests. I just wish he’d make his “Guess The Sample” games a little more difficult.

There aren’t many J-pop/K-pop based podcasts that I am aware of. I can name the active ones on one hand – Selective Hearing Radio, New School Kaidan, Gaijin Kanpai, and POP88. But there have been a number of podcasts throughout the years that IW has been around. Zac Bentz’s Japanator Radio made it to 170 epsiodes before calling it quits. Jim Haku had his Music Ja Nai recordings. And I remember back in 2008, there was a whole wave of podcasts in our community, as everyone wanted to try it out. It’s not a media that many have explored though. I wish there were more. Anyone that’s ever had a regular, long commutes should now how much faster they can be with an interesting podcast or radio show. I don’t have the commutes right now, but I still listen to a podcast or a radio show every day – whether it’s music, news, wrestling, the wota ones, and now a comics podcast that I am into.

So congrats to Greg for making it to 100 episodes. It’s not easy speaking to a microphone and be entertaining for almost an hour (of a two hour show) each week. And don’t forget to listen to it, if you are awake, tonight at 2AM EST/11PM PST on JPH!P Radio.