The Blogpower!!! Is A New Hello! Project Blog

The Blogpower!!!

Intl Wota has always been very supportive of Hello! Project blogs – if anything, it provides the base for our readership, and a good many of our contributors over the years were themselves H!P bloggers first and foremost. However, some of us were also afraid that the balance in coverage tipped too far towards H!P at times, and those of us who felt that did our best to try to even things out. With the debut of version thirty (i.e., this site here), H!P seems to have become less of a presence in favor of hallyu and AKB48, with just a smidgen of basement idols and jrock thrown in for good measure. I haven’t had to think twice about whether or not H!P was overtaking Intl Wota.

But in the past couple days there’s been an unexpected resurgence in H!P blogs – the S/mileage news played a role in this, as did the fabulousness of that C-ute PV. I’m sure there’ll be another boomlet when Morning Musume audition results are announced. And it’s not that I’m complaining – it’s great to see people returning to the wotasphere and the quality of H!P blogging is better than ever. But the part of me that used to make sure every H!P post I did was balanced with a non-H!P post of some sort – well, that part of me was filled with a mild trepidation.

So with all that in mind, imagine my elation when a new blogger recommended her site to Intl Wota! Yay! Always welcome new blood! And then I saw the blog’s title was The Blogpower!!!… and then I saw that Kath, the blogger, is a very dedicated fan of Takitty…

Okay, okay, I’m teasing. Because, yay! New blog! And this looks to be a thoughtful, well-handled blog right from the get-go! For starters, Kath has decided to take the thirty day idol challenge – which now strikes me as a very smart way to get things rolling fast and to make clear your specific interests. Despite being a relatively new fan, she’s also got an appreciation for the deep history of the collective and the richness of previous works. (Or, to put it more bluntly, she’s managed to go back and find the really good stuff.)

And even if Kath does like Takitty a great deal, she has a mild put-down of Reina in day two of the challenge: “There are many things I like about Reina but I chose her because I find her constant winking incredibly irritating and it seems to me that on stage she lacks a certain ‘oomph’.” Oh, how that made me laugh. It was a nice little fist-bump moment for me.

Aside from the thirty day challenge, there’ve been a smattering of other posts which are definitely worth your attention. I like how she explains her favorite aspects of H!P in her opening post, Welcome to “THE Blogpower!!!” – it’s great to see a newer fan enjoy the shuffles, considering they’ve gone the way of the dodo. I alsso enjoyed the Desert Island Hello! Project post, as it shows an interesting range in the selection of albums Kath would choose if push came to shove and her life went all Gilligan.

It still feels like Kath is finding her bearings as a blogger, but she’s already done a great deal that feels right. Except for liking Takitty, but I won’t hold that against her. For now. (Again, just teasing! Sorta. Maybe not? Okay, yes. What?) So definitely give her blog some of your eyeball time and post an encouraging comment or two!