Down To The Wire With Morning Musume’s Tenth Gen Audition

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With the announcement day looming ever nearer, the ten finalist auditionees have now been cut down to eight and the competition is looking fierce. Pure Idol Heart and idols and Hollywood note the two auditionees who’ve left the training camp, with PIH again emphasizing that it looks like Tsunku is preparing for “life after the big names are gone”. (You mean Gocchin and Nacchi? They left a long time ago!) Bikkuri Project’s Celestia has revised her prediction, sticking to her top three but adding a new favorite for the fourth position and going over the overall chances as she sees them.

Hello! SayuNii’s ladylibra92 and Happy! Go! Lucky!’s Jess both provide great blow-by-blow coverage of the episode, while AimxAim of Janakya Mottainai goes in detail on her impressions of each of the remaining eight. There’s apparently been a good deal of improvement by the auditionees since the first episode, which is an encouraging sign – apparently, the tears and hard work are paying off.

And the general consensus seems to be that this talent pool runs deep enough that whoever gets chosen should do well as a member of Morning Musume. That said, there are some favorites of course, and Sara seems to be in the lead in that regard – though I’m reminded of what PIH’s Gaki said about her being more popular with overseas wota than domestic. Haruka and Haruna are also garnering support from the wotasphere, though Aim takes issue with Haruka’s “husky” singing voice.

The most interesting comments, though, seem to be about Satsuki. Celestia singles her out as someone she hopes doesn’t get in, for fear that she’d be another Aika. Satsuki is at the bottom of Jess’ list, being dubbed “Koharu Part 2”. But AimxAim has taken a shine to her, calling her “Zukki 2.0”. I’m not sure what that says about Satsuki herself, but it’s interesting how our bloggers project their tastes and expectations in such a diverse way on this one girl.

I have no idea who’s going to make it, though Sara still has my attention for now. We’ve got a few more days till the announcement is made, and whatever the results, not everyone will be happy. (Not even if all eight make it, which some would argue is too overwhelming.) But will everyone at least agree that the final choices made will benefit Morning Musume and its future? We will see.