In Which Isilie Reviews A Real Life Arashi Fanfic

In which the fanfic writes itself

Just because it’s called fanfic doesn’t mean there’s not a hint of truth to it, right? Well, that idea guides this post from Isilie, who starts with a not-at-all-surprising but still brave confession – that she reads Arashi fanfic – and explains the satisfactions that can be gained from reading it. One story is singled out in particular for its realism, though Isilie stresses that realism isn’t always necessary for fanfic to be enjoyable.

From there she segues to an episode of Himitsu no Arashi-chan which plays out very much like a fanfic, as Aiba Masaki takes Sakurai Sho out on a date at his hometown, showing him a day full of bromantic good times. What I love about this is that Isilie uses fanfic as a way to show how the narrative of the episode plays into the personalities of these two luscious, hunky idols, and of the ways they interact with each other. She never overplays the boom-chika-bom-bom potential of this episode, instead letting these assumptions (hopes? fantasies?) speak for themselves.

Perhaps my favorite part is towards the end, when she takes in the bigger picture and explains why this is the only pairing of Arashi that could have pulled off this date. It shows an appreciation for just how different and quirky – and even difficult – Arashi can be, albeit in a fun, loving, homsocial and perhaps even homoerotic manner.

It was also great simply to read about fanfic as a craft – it doesn’t get touched on much by the blogs I read, though I know there’s a thriving community out there. (Just like cosplay, and that great article on Shining Hello! Project.) Isilie does that community proud with her sympathetic critical overview, actually making it enticing for a newcomer like myself. Why, it’s enough to make me consider trying a hand at some Arashi fanfic of my own…