Kago Ai Attempts Suicide, Now In Stable Condition

Kago Ai in stable condition after apparent suicide attempt – Tokyograph
Please Support Aibon! – Chuu Sugoi Idol
Wtf is Happening!? – Kago Ai Attempts Suicide – Okay! Musume Time
Twitter Search For Kago Ai

Tokyograph has all the details, so read that first. Chuu Sugoi Idol is encouraging people to show their support for Kago. Chiima of Okay! Musume Time has a very strong reaction which may prove controversial to Kago’s fans, but please keep in mind that suicide attempts bring out a wide variety of reactions in people. Anger at a suicide attempt is not unusual, and it clearly comes from a concern for Kago’s well-being. I’m also including the Twitter link since that’s probably the best way to keep up with any further news and reactions.

It’s odd, last night’s Noteworthy post included several paragraphs on Kago and how fatigue over her scandals caused me to check out as a fan. Having said that, I will say now that no longer being her fan doesn’t lessen the emotional impact of this. This is heart-rending news for any fan of Jpop, and especially of Hello! Project. (I was just telling Serenyty on Google + last night how I almost named my child Ai Nozomi, after the W duo.) Indeed, the potential loss of any life, especially one that has brought so much happiness to people as Kago’s, is something we should all care about.

I had written about fans reacting to the Kago and NMB scandals: “the relentless drip drip drip of sad revelations and unfortunate conjectures leads to fatigue, a desire to see it all finished, a fear that yet another shoe will drop on what’s quickly becoming an octopus-footed event”. Having considered the fan’s perspective, we’re now forced to consider what it must have been like for Kago herself, to be at the center of all that media scrutiny, to face one scandal after another in such a painful fashion. (And this after a period where her life and career seemed to be back on track with film roles and a return to music.) Our thoughts and prayers go with her now, and we hope she has a speedy recovery and all the support she needs from admirers and loved ones.

Further news and reactions will be posted as warranted.