Latest On Kago Ai: Suicide Watch, More Statements From Lawyer, Agency

Details of Kago’s battle with management agency come to light – Tokyograph
Aibon on Suicide Watch – aramatheydidnt

Further details have been revealed, very little of which can be called encouraging.

The best news is that Kago is in good enough shape to leave the hospital. However, it has been revealed that she had cut her wrists while under the influence of a tranquilizer overdose and doesn’t even remember doing it. As a result, she’s being placed on suicide watch and will not be left alone.

Further statements have been made by Kago’s lawyer about how she was treated by her agency and again it’s quite sad. Perhaps the worst accusation is that her agency wanted her to do a porno film, though apparently the agency president was willing to let a body double do the sex scenes. I’m not a prude by any means and if an adult wants to enter the AV industry, fine; Rina Nakanishi of AKB48 did so, as did Suzuki Sachiko of WINK. But to be coerced into it in any manner is just foul play and extremely unprofessional.

If anything, it is the lack of control which makes Kago’s current and recent situations so profoundly disturbing. She did not choose to cut her wrists, but did so in a stupor. She was being treated very shabbily – even immorally – by her agency, who should be better than that. And her agency continues to accuse Kago’s boyfriend of asserting mind control over her.

We will continue to post updates and reactions as they occur.