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Here are some more reactions to what happened with Kago. aramatheydidnt points out that this is the second time Kago has attempted suicide; Aibon had confirmed rumors of such in her first interview after being suspended from Hello! Project. Jess of Happy! Go! Lucky! does an eloquent job of describing the conflicted reactions of somebody who is moved by this tragedy but nevertheless gave up on being Kago’s fan long ago. I have to admit that Jess does a much better job of describing this situation than I did, and I’m especially grateful for the way it’s expressed in the post.

The Groove Music Life’s CJ advises Kago to dump her boyfriend and says if she does so, she’ll be ending next year “on a high note, not a low one”. As much as we could use some optimism right now, I don’t know how realistic this is. Considering her string of questionable paramours (why are they all so much older? why are so many in the restaurant business?), other poor decisions, and that previous suicide attempt, this seems like tackling a symptom instead of the illness itself. This also brings into stark relief just how little we know about the situation: Aibon volunteered to speak to the police, apparently, which seems to indicate she cares about Ando. Whether or not this is a good relationship with a bad outcome or a truly bad relationship, none of us can say with any certainty. I can think of numerous examples where a seemingly bad relationship from the outside is actually a loving, nurturing one when you get to know the couple better. And of course, the reverse applies as well.

Whatever demons Kago has had to deal with over the years is also unclear and, sadly, also too open to conjecture. Was the idol life – too much at too young an age – where it started? Certainly, one can’t help but consider Goto Maki’s own private torment and decision to put her career on hiatus. (Is video gaming for Gocchin what older men are for Kago? I’m not being facetious here, there is a sense of finding comfort of a particular sort in both cases.) If you think about it, Kago’s choice in men has long been questionable, going back to at least the Orange Range rumors.

And personally speaking, I still wonder why she stumbled that second time, just as the cloud of the first smoking scandal was about to lift. She could have had a triumphant return to Hello! Project with open arms, it was right there if she simply followed the rules. Does it indicate a self-destructive impulse in her, or simply bad judgment? And even going through these tortuous suppositions and guesses, it becomes clear: we don’t know nearly enough to say, we don’t know enough to judge. All we can do right now is give what support we can.

And that support does continue to pour in, which does our wotasphere proud. IXA Ready has gone off its regular AKB beat to share the news and show support for Kago. Shining Hello! Project expresses shock at the news and mentions sending good wishes to Kago via her Twitter account (there’s a link on her post if you want to do the same). And a trio of Tumblr accunts have taken note of what happened to Aibon, and in turn have been picked up by other Tumblrs.

And while the fandom continues to show its support for Kago, it must be said that the timing of this tragedy is especially unfortunate, happening on the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. This isn’t to say that what Kago went through is any less painful or tragic, but the memory of the thousands who perished certainly places things in a different perspective. I’m sure many in the wotasphere have already said prayers for both Aibon, as well as the victims and families of 9/11.

We will continue to keep an eye out for any developments, and continue to keep Kago and her loved ones in our thoughts and prayers.