Morning Musume Training Audition Camp To Be Aired

HelloPro! Time Airing Morning Musume Audition Training Camp Special – Hello! SayuNii

Things are heating up with the tenth gen auditions, and ladylibra92 reports that the ten remaining finalists are going to be put through training camp, which will be shown on HelloPro! Time. And apparently, a lot of faces made familiar from the S/mileage auditions have been popping up in the Morning Musume auditions – not a surprise, given that they were running concurrently and girls were vying for positions in both groups.

The best part about this news is the simple re-instating of the training camp process / ritual, which apparently hasn’t happened since sixth gen. That’s eight years now! It makes me think of the early days of Buddhist temples and chores and the implicit notion that a young woman’s spirit must be broken before she can become an idol. (Okay, I may be over-reaching here.) While there’s always been a lot of emotions and turmoil surrounding the addition of new gens to Morning Musume, I don’t know if there’s as much of a sense of initiation as there used to be with the earlier generations. And by initiation, I mean more emotions and turmoil, but springing from a rigorous testing and measuring that the training camps were used for.

If I could dream a little wota dream, I’d love to see Yuko return to give these girls a taste of old school Musume training, maybe bring back the whole girl-gang vibe that emanated from her leadership. But for now, this will do.

One question still hanging – at least, I haven’t heard any clarifications on the matter – is whether or not the tenth gen members will be sub-members / kenkyuusei like the second gen S/mileage. I’m still on the fence on whether or not it’s a good idea in the first place, and whether or not it should happen for the fkagship group of H!P is a related but distinct question.

If anything, the training camp may be a sign that the tenth gen won’t go the Sub route. After all, this means they’d have gone through a more rigorous preparation than the S/mileage auditionees, right? If they go through boot camp and join tenth gen, then there’s no need to make it a provisional membership, right?

But of course, second-guessing the reasoning behind Hello! Project and their Powers That Be is often a sucker’s game. So as always, we’ll see what we’ll see.