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Recommended Reading – September 10th, 2011

Ray’s Picks

Men Raiding Lingerie Shop For AKB48 Posters – aramatheydidnt
Personally, I like to think the men went home and tried on the bras they bought.

Info: After School’s Second Japanese Single… – AfterSchool ❤
An interesting choice. I’d’ve preferred if they’d gone with “Shampoo”…

Komukai Minako to make AV debut – Tokyograph
Well, you gotta follow your muse wherever it takes you, right?

30 Day Idol Challenge – Day 7 – Aitakatta!
Cat has some interesting thoughts on idol pairs.

Hello! Pro Time – Morning Musume 10th Generation Boot Camp Part 1 – Selective Hearing
Greg is less impressed than others by the potential future members of Morning Musume.

Other members of Stellar to pursue individual activities like Kim Ga Young – allkpop
Sure, they can follow in Kim Ga Young’s footsteps, but the other three can’t shine like her.

Upcoming release for October – Never Ending Music Power
All the wonderful goodies coming out to make a Johnny’s fan go squee.

Musume`s 10th Gen`s Two Dorothy Little Happy Members – Pure Idol Heart
Gaki shows this unexpected connection to the indie idol world.

Kosuga Fuyuka is (already) leaving S/mileage – Happy! Go! Lucky!
The second paragraph made me smile.

Piggy Dolls talk briefly about their diet – allkpop
On the one hand, they’re more confident; on the other, they still look like hypocrites.

What did you do to Arashi fandom back in 2005 that left them so monumentally butthurt?– Cho Scandalous
This is VERY inside baseball, but funny nonetheless.

MFK vol. 3 – Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
I actually have a strong opinion on this! Rio, Sora, Yuma. There we go.

SMAP returns to Seibuen to celerate their 20th anniversary – aramatheydidnt
Twenty years? Nakai looks like he’s only aged nineteen and a half.

Meet Morning Musume’s 10th gen finalists – Janakya Mottainai
Reasons to love Aim: she makes a good point on why sixteen is too old to join Momusu, and says one of the girls looks like an alien.

Hey! Say! JUMP-Magic Power PV preview – Janakya Mottainai
Feeling embarrassment for one’s idols is always a fun thing to note.

Oh come on, they’re just recyclintg a CATS parody JAV or something.

murr’s picks

Iida Kaori Blog Translations
Just a fan sharing the Iida Kaori love.