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Recommended Reading – September 14th, 2011

Ray’s Picks

guess who: bday girl edition – aramatheydidnt
One of the prettiest, most wonderful, most talented idols EVER celebrates her birthday today!

Happy 25th Birthday Ai-chan!!! – Fields of Maize in the Morning
Oh, and Takitty does too.

~ChuLuLuLu~ Happy Birthday Wishes!!! – Okay! Musume Time
And in better news, it’s also Chiima’s birthday! And… her younger sister’s birthday? Wow! (Also, see what I wrote earlier about the good-looking wotasphere.)

Eggplant talks about 47 Ronin & American Debut Album in FRaU October – aramatheydidnt
Maybe NOW Jodi Foster will start returning his calls. And his light-brite of Mount Fuji.

On The Handshake Event Incidents – Samurai Tamashii
SagSousuke shares his thoughts on what happened. He also shares them in the comments section here, in case you’re missing out.

SNSD’s Seohyun shares the story of meeting her idol, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon – allkpop
It all started with a UN ambassador handshake event, then moonlight dinner at the Hague…

GD&TOP to release “Oh Yeah” and “High High” in Japan this November – Koreaboo
Hopefully a yaoi-themed MV will be in the works for this.

Kago-chan, Come Back to New York! – Madara Blog
Madara recalls a happier time for Kago and invites her to return to where it happened.

Photo Shoot Fab: Nana in an Unknown Photo Shoot – AfterSchool ❤
I almost never tire of looking at Nana glamour shots. These are just dreamy.

Ludacris and YG sign an agreement to collaborate in Korea! – allkpop
Maybe he can be the fifth member of Big Bang until 2012 starts?

Top 20 Current H!p Members – Bikkuri Project
Another of Celestia’s wonderful videos… It made me cry a little with nostalgia at the older footage.

Marching J special movies – Never Ending Music Power
The charity event continues digitally, with a share of the proceeds going to the relief effort.

I don’t get what waxing has to do with HyunA, but whatever.

Sweet Revenge meets up with their rock idols, Jaurim – allkpop
Ahh, a different kind of hallyu crossover!

KARA’s Nicole reveals her secret behind her gorgeous figure – allkpop
She then added, “Also, I throw up. Constantly. It’s quite disgusting.”