Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – September 1st, 2011

Ray’s Picks

Tomoe Yamanaka ~ Limited Gallery 04 – Jappydolls
Intl Wota’s favorite loli junior idol in another great pictorial!

TVXQ closes “a-nation” instead of Ayumi Hamasaki, what caused the switch? – Koreaboo
Ahh, so it was Ayu’s idea and it ties into JYJ indirectly. Okay, I stopped caring now.

Sooyoung’s sister describes the scene of the accident, “We thought she might die.” – Koreaboo
It was gruesome enough hearing the details, then she pulled out the Barbie dolls and ketchup…

Morningtime Exclusive – Mitsui Aika Solo version Love Machine with PV! – Morningtime
That bitch knows how to work it!

2pm oppas are chivalrous, Perfume swoons – aramatheydidnt
A very charming story, till we found out about the hidden camera on the inside jacket pocket.

April Kiss releases their debut digital single “Wannabe” – Koreaboo
These ladies have an average age of 23? In idol terms, that makes them November Kiss.

[IV] Rio Uchida ~ Pure Smile – Jappydolls
Wow, I have a new idol to add to my pantheon.

SMTOWN NYC seating chart released, stage runway layout unveiled – Koreaboo
They needed to make space for the giant inflatable pig. And the bondage-dungeon-on-wheels.

[Review] “Ugly” by 2NE1
A well-balanced, very positive review from allkpop’s best critic, Rowdyruff.

PASSPO☆, Airplanes, Akiba, And More
Gaki shares several PASSPO☆ clips for your amusement.

Kikkawa Yuu – “Hapirapi~Sunrise~” Short Ver. PV Released
Yeah, she’s definitely looking great here.

UEE draws praise for her drunken acting on ‘Ojakgyo Brothers’
A stumbling drunk UEE is the stuff of wota dreams, isn’t it? Just lead her into Nana’s dorm room with a white rabbit…

Official “Tsunku Project” Site Opened
Glad to see he’s capitalizing on his personal brand. Maybe this will help him land some more gainful employment in video games.

Pic of the Day
Wrong wrong wrong, Langdimus – Rina will always be a favorite of mine. I just hope she doesn’t do an ADULTEEN the way Shihono Ryo did.

SISTAR reveals their standards for their ideal men
Off-camera, Hyorin whispered, “A ten inch cock helps a LOT,” at which point the other girls all shook their heads vigorously.

Fairies releases the PV for their debut single, More Kiss!
Jess shares some thoughts on Fairies’ debut, liking the song but less thrilled by the PV.

More Girls Penetration – and you bet your sweet ass it’s Not Safe For Work!