Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – September 30th, 2011

Special Takahashi Ai Graduation Section

Takahashi Ai Has Officially Graduated From Morning Musume and Hello! Project – Hello! SayuNii
The whole H!S staff kick in for this very thorough, very appreciative look at both her graduation and her career. A must-read for any H!P fan; I almost missed her after reading this. (Almost.)

Thoughts about 10th gen & Ai graduation – Shining Hello! Project
Puolukka wishes Takitty a happy life.

Takahashi Ai’s Graduation: Bye Bye Aibutt – Okay! Musume Time
Chiima marks her own farwell, sad and happy to see her go… and ready to praise “the NEW QUEEN OF H!P”.

The Lovely Takahashi Ai graduates from Morning Musume – The Blogpower!!!
Kath says her own farewells, noting how Ai came into her own once she became leader.

Ai-chan Graduates – Morningtime
Morningtime has many reasons to thank Ai, and lists each one in this wonderful tribute.

Ray’s Picks

Thoughts on the 10th generation. (AKA I was right! I was right! …well, mostly right.) – Zombie Zombie
Verilian has a top-notch examination of where Momusu now stands, thoughts on the new members, and the longevity of the group.

J-Music Clip of the Week – Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
This could be enough to make me a fan of Scandal.

Release Date For Michishige Sayumi’s 8th PB Announced – Hello! SayuNii
Here’s one bundle of fap we can anticipate in the near future.

Yajima Maimi’s 5th Solo PB Announced – Hello! SayuNii
And here’s another bundle of fap, once the first one gets too sticky.

Orange Caramel to return with “Shanghai” concept on October 13th – Koreaboo
It’s great to see Lizzy, Raina, and Nana continuing their Pacific Rim Job.

Meet the ‘dirty girls’ of Ayaman Japan – aramatheydidnt
I can appreciate the dirty humor angle, but doesn’t this feel like a front for enjo kosai?

Idol Galaxy III – Jappydolls
Oooooh. Noriko Kojima. Shiny.

Release of Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys” delayed – Koreaboo
That pseudo-Victorian Facebook cover may have caused ripples in the time continuum.

KARA appears in Japanese anime, Doraemon? – allkpop
Next up: KARA appear as themselves in Urotsukidoji.

Maki Goto Shares Some Love Words – Plastic Candy
Is it me or does Gocchin look really really sexy in red ribbon?