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Recommended Reading – September 6th, 2011

Ray’s Picks

“Ikemen Desu ne” band A.N.JELL to make CD debut – Tokyograph
SweetS’ Miori returns to music with the fictional group from her recent drama. Now if only we can find out what Takewa Haruna has been up to!

Yuko Suffering With A Lower Back Injury – IXA Ready
Hopefully, Yuko will take good care of herself and be more careful.

exist†trace to perform at Tekkoshocon 2012 – Selective Hearing
The all-female VK group is coming to the Pittsburgh-based anime convention.

Sea☆A Road To Tokyo – Pure Idol Heart
The video does a remarkable job of showing just how hard this quartet worked to achieve their dream.

Fresh Faces: Sphere,LISP, Milky Holmes,RO-KYU-BU – Pure Idol Heart
Gaki takes time out to look at the Seiyuu-based idol acts.

Fairies: Heavy Pre-Release Promotions – Pure Idol Heart
Gaki continues to marvel over the heavy duty marketing of Vision Factory’s new group.

Miichan-Influenza!? Something big happening to AKB tomorrow!? – aramatheydidnt
I’d be willing to catch ANYTHING from Miichan…

Miichan Virus Mystery Solved – IXA Ready
… Oh wait. Never mind.

A.B.C.-xyZ WTF?! – Never Ending Music Power
Some detective work is performed to figure out the details on this next Johnny’s group to go major.

In which the title is as long as the pv itself – Itsumo Genki
A picspam-heavy review from Isilie focused on the PV that hurts your eyes – next, the PV that hurts your brain.

Hamasaki Ayumi gets her 18th chart-topping album – aramatheydidnt
Congratulations to Ayu and her remarkable staying power.

Stellar’s Ga Young appointed as a reporter on KBS – allkpop
This is the cute one with the pigtails, right? Well, good for her, then!

Kara’s ‘STEP’ MV Review + Upcoming LIVE on YouTube! – Wota (in training)
Mina☆ enjoys this video, going over specific details on what makes it work.

Newsflash! – Aitakatta!
Cat adds a couple of extra players to the recent NMB scandal/suspensions. God help me, just let this all be over.

Pic of the Day – Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
A useful film quote for many wota.

Ipodman is enjoying this video despite a lack of anything new or innovative.

C.R.E.A.M SODAZ- 喫茶Dark Side PV – Neaux Clicked On It
This is the musical equivalent of Raekwon in that sky-blue Snoopy shirt… and that’s a good thing!

Flick: U-ie and After School’s Tap Trainer – AfterSchool ❤
Hey, he don’t look like the guy from the “Shampoo” MV…

April Kiss members used to be models – allkpop
Well, as long as they start from a solid foundation…

Tachiagaaru Covers – Chuu Sugoi Idol
The pecking order is pretty clear, isn’t it?