Shining Hello! Project And Zombie Zombie Are Two Very Different – But Wonderful – H!P Blogs


Shining Hello! Projeect
30 day Idol Challenge! ~Day 1~ – Shining Hello! Projeect
H!P Cosplay – Onna ga Medatte Naze ikena – Shining Hello! Projeect

Zombie Zombie
Why I do not care for Golden Age Morning Musume/Hello!Project – Part I – Zombie Zombie
Belated thoughts on Ogawa Saki’s graduation and general thoughts on idols leaving idol life. – Zombie Zombie
Why I Do Not Care for Golden Age Morning Musume, Pt. II – Zombie Zombie

Here are two very different Hello! Project blogs which offer distinct takes on the fandom but are both quite satisfying and worthy of your attention.

First up is Shining Hello! Project. I must admit, the name made me giggle at first, since I can’t help but think of Shining Musume. That said, blogger Puolukka is a diehard H!P fan who loves to shop and share her collection with readers. Even more impressive, English is not her first language. That becomes obvious as you read, but she’s open to being corrected – and quite frankly, I’m always impressed by wotablogger willing to blog in their non-native language because they want to take part in the community. That takes a lot of extra effort and dedication, and I applaud Puolukka for that and believe she deserves all our support.

To further her blogging, Puolukka is currently working her way through the early stages of a 30-Day Idol Challenge, which is always a good way to get to know a blogger’s taste and preferences. (Winky love is something I can’t approve of, though certainly I remember what it was like…)

My favorite post so far, though, is one devoted to a cosplay costume she created for Onna ga medatte Naze ikenai. I am SO out of the loop with H!P that I don’t even know that song, but Puolukka provides a nicely detailed account of how she put together the costume from painting the roses to finding the right accessories to actually sewing it. It’s actually a pretty fascinating post for a cosplay noob like myself, the sheer act of assemblage is so removed from my own fandom but is clearly motivated by such love, care, and patience.

Puolukka also posts photos of herself in the cosplay photos and I have to say, she is quite the cutie! What the hell, I’d rather see more photos of her than Reina. That said, I’d also rather see more photos of Aitakatta’s Cat than of Reina, too. You’re a bunch of good-lookin’ bloggers out there, wotasphere!

Next up is Zombie Zombie. This blog is more of a writer’s showcase, and blogger virilian starts by claiming not to be too much of a fan of H!P but is fascinated by the idol phenomenon. Where Shining runs on enthusiasm, consumerism, and cuteness, Zombie Zombie is more laid-back, more critical of the idol process, and more pugnacious.

Verilian starts things off with a bang, with a post about not liking Morning Musume’s Golden Age. It’s a great post which makes some very interesting points – some of which I don’t agree with, others which I have to reluctantly allow to be correct – and should be great for talking points by those newer fans who hate the wway older fans grouse. verilian later posted a sequel to this post which I’m not sure helps the argument, but at least can be used by those of us who think the Morning Musume name should no longer be used by the current line-up and just given to the Dream Morning Musume team for good.

The article on Ogawa Saki’s departure from S/mileage is powerfully written, just as good as the best posts when the news first broke. This leads into the recent Kago Ai post which was part of the coverage a few days back, dovetailing nicely into whether or not the idol life really does suit everyone who goes into it. verilian’s got a first-rate mind when it comes to thinking about idols and the idol world, though there seems some reluctance about the blog. I’m hoping there’ll be more posts whenever an idea strikes, and I’m sure some feedback would go a great length to encouraging that.

I have to say that I’m surprised at how much I’m really loving H!P posts in recent months, since H!P itself continues to leave me mostly cold. But I guess it’s like jrock – I’ve never been a fan, but they have great bloggers with style, panache, and a great critical eye. The resurgence in H!P blogging seems to have that, as well, and the whole wotasphere benefits from the skills of Puolukka and verilian.

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