Wotasphere Continues To React To Kago Ai Tragedy

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As expected, more posts have gone up regarding Kago and her tragic suicide event, with a wide range of thoughts and emotions on display in the wotasphere.

Hello! SayuNii recounts the salient details and expresses sadness at this turn of events, while Kath of The Blogpower!!! is shocked at the unexpected news. Greg of Selective Hearing takes something of a hard line against wanting to support Kago at this time. He writes, “As harsh as this may sound she brought this unfortunate fate upon herself with her questionable life choices.” He says later that he doesn’t want to “go as far as to say she reaped what she sowed (because that’s wrong)” – so maybe I’m missing some nuanced difference here, since that seems to be exactly his point. I’m also not sure why such a statement is “wrong” – harsh, yes, and perhaps not very supportive, but Greg is certainly entitled to his opinion.

Danielle of idol love is considerably more sympathetic to Kago, describing how Kago and Morning Musume helped her through earlier stages in her life, adding a profound intimacy to the devastation she felt upon hearing the news. She also takes the time to address those who have made public jokes about Kago or said spiteful things, asking for a show of maturity and kindness. Danielle’s post is as eloquent in its unconditional support for Kago – and the pain upon hearing this news – as Jess of Happy! Go! Lucky! was in capturing a more conflicted, though still empathetic, reaction towards the idol and her sad history.

Our own Serenyty of Happy Disco points out that suicidal thoughts are serious matters and that depression is a complicated disease. Like many others posting their reactions, she hopes that Kago will get the professional help she needs to get past this event. verilian of Zombie Zombie shares a wide range of impressions and conjectures in a relatively short post, though I think her best line comes at the beginning: “Fame isn’t a good substitute for real love, and the idealized, conditional support that fandom gives is nothing compared to a strong family support, which I don’t think Kago Ai had enough of.” She goes on to compare Kago’s life to that of her former partner Tsuji Nozomi, and just how starkly different they’ve become since the initial scandal split them up.

So we’ve got unremitting anger and frustration, all the way to complete support and pleas that Kago seek help, with a whole lot of what-ifs coming into play as well. It does strike me that the responses say as much about the bloggers themselves as they do about Kago, and if any good can come of this tragedy I hope that people have learned something about what they value in their own lives, not just as wota but as human beings.