Genki Almost Idol Is A Fun, Exuberant Wota Blog

Genki Almost Idol

Here’s an interesting blog that’s been around for a while but apparently has shifted focus quite recently. The subtitle of the blog Genki Almost Idol is “Between wanting to be an idol and being a female wota supporting them…” Blogger Martha has stated that she is focusing less on the being-an-idol part and more on the being-a-wota part.

What we have in this new phase is a pretty standard wota blog, with its mix of eyecandy, casual reviews, recent purchases, and fulsome praise. There’s a nice wide range of idols included, from both Jpop and Kpop. What carries these kinds of wota blogs isn’t so much the content, which more often than not can be found on other blogs of a similar nature, but on the personality of the blogger.

And in this case, Martha has personality to spare, which is a very good thing. She brings a clear exuberance and a confidence in her opinions which keeps her posts lively and engaging and fun. There’s often precise attention paid to the finer details of a photoshoot or song or video, adding to the depth of the posts. And I have to give extra points for name-dropping John Waters when describing a recent pic of Michishige Sayumi. The love of idols is quite evident from post to post, and even infectious in its joy at times – it’s a good way to spread the word and maybe even create more wota in the process.

I’ve seen other bloggers that reflect Martha’s twin pursuits, that love their idols dearly but also imagine pursuing the idol life for themselves. It would be great to see if the desire to be an idol can critically inform the wota side of things, to look at the demands an idol faces by being able to imagine oneself in that role. As it stands, this is a promising blog and worth checking out on a regular basis.