Okay! Musume Time On Sea☆A and Nostalgia

Bringing me Nostalgia – Sea☆A ‘DELI-DELI☆DELICIOUS’ PV Review

Chiima again breaks out the charm big-time with this posts, which is basically a single and PV review of the latest from Sea☆A. She starts out with an explanation of her earlier encounters with the group and their debut, surprise that they released a second single so quickly, then goes on to a screencapped review of the PV. That middle portion with the screencaps is especially fun this time around, mostly because it deals with the Sea☆A girls playing videogames and Chiima imagines herself playing the Sea☆A girls. (So to speak.)

From there, Chiima explains why the video engaged her so much, and it has to do with her childhood, playing console video games with her siblings, and all the wonderful memories that holds for her. (I was as antisocial as a child as I am now, so my main childhood video game memories involved playing Adventure on the Atari 2600 all by my lonesome.) She then ties it back into her wota life and how the experiences of the game in the video can reflect some of the same thrills one feels when supporting an idol group, seeing them cohere and succeed – which is pretty much what Sea☆A has done here, as far as I’m concerned.

It’s a very complete, even profound post by Chiima – I’d say she’s at the top of her game as a blogger right now, but that’d be wrong because I think she’s going to keep improving, pushing herself. It’s admirable how much she brings of her non-wota life into how she examines her wota life and appreciation of idols, finding resonances that could otherwise be lost by too much compartmentalizing.

Like Chiima, I was also surprised to find that Sea☆A not only had a new single, but that it was so freaking polished and professional and represented a quantum leap forward for them. Their first single was fun and cute but was very much from an idol unit still learning the ropes, still not sure how to present themselves – and it showed in the production values as well as the girls themselves. All the training and hard work has paid off, clearly, and now I can’t wait to see where they’re going next.

If anything, it made me nostalgic for other Jpop – specifically, two Hello! Project shuffle units, 3-nin Matsuri’s “Chu! Natsu Party” and Happy 7’s “Shiawase Beam! Suki Suki Beam!”. It’s the combination of the visual effects and the video game theme, though of course there are many other video game-themed PVs out there (Perfume’s “Vitamin Drops” come to mind). And while not as powerful a memory as Chiima’s childhood reminisces, it certainly made me feel very happy and satisfied. While it isn’t crucial for a new idol group to pay respect to its forebears, knowing one’s history and making nods to it is certainly a nice way to gain some points with wota. I get a sense there’s a little of that going on, which is another canny move on their part.

So definitely give this review a read, and definitely give Sea☆A a shot. I’d say they more than earned it, and it’s possible to see big things for their future now.