Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – October 24th, 2011

Ray’s Picks

Baby Metal: Princesses Of Idol Metal – Pure Idol Heart
Fuck yeah! This could be the perfect karmic balance to Yuuka’s departure.

J-Rock Legends Shonen Knife “Osaka Ramones” North American Tour Oct – Nov 2011 – Selective Hearing
You know who’d make a great opening act for the Knife? Baby Metal! Fuck yeah!

SMTOWN LIVE in NEW YORK live coverage – Koreaboo
For those of us who missed the event…

Don’t Blame the West for Your Fail – Seoulbeats
The part about throwing up made me laugh.

In Which Isilie can’t keep up – Itsumo Genki
Isilie can’t keep up and SHE’S young! I’m old and senile and haven’t got a hell of a chance!

Wonder Girls open teaser site with a question, ‘R U Ready?’ – allkpop
Next, they’ll be adding forty-three members.

[IV]Yuko Ogura ~ Star Love – Jappydolls
I think she’s finally given up the girl-child retard act for good…

AAA-Charge & Go radio rip – Janakya Mottainai
AimxAim doesn’t like the slow start, but gets into the song as it goes along.

The importance of the 90-degree bow in K-pop – Seoulbeats
Knowing your place in the pecking order is a very, very important thing in the entertainment world.

Why, jesus? Why? The best part is the fact that a man is… – Cho Scandalous
The hole for the mouth needs to be larger and rounder.

Juniors to get the SMAP-bump – Never Ending Music Power
SMAP has the Juniors’ careers in their hand; in return, the Juniors will have SMAP’s scrotums in theirs.

Momoiro Clover Field Trip? – New School Kaidan
A look at the new educational TV show.

Aichan’s Graduation Concert Review – Idols and Hollywood
A close look at the performances of the fateful evening.