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Recommended Reading – October 14th, 2011

Ray’s Picks

An Ode to Tsunku-P. (Sorry Aki-P) – Zombie Zombie
A wonderful appreciation from Virilian about Tsunku, her history with H!P, and what Tsunku does to make Hello! Project so special.

“UP UP Girls vs THE Possible” FC Event Announced – Hello! SayuNii
So that’s a battle between Never-Were’s and Has-Beens, or vice-versa?

Takahashi Ai “Morning Musume Alo Hello 2011″ Android PB App Released – Hello! SayuNii
Never mind Takitty, where’s the goddamn Haruka Bikini Android PB App?

RELIVE IT: K-Pop idols shake up the KBS New York Korea Festival! – allkpop
A really nice look back at the big Kpop event with some great photos.

What SNSD Will Learn From Debuting in the US – Seoulbeats
You mean they won’t be loved unconditionally by the American public and rocket to the top of the charts immediately? Are you sure about that?

Momoko Tani ~ DGC No.621 – Jappydolls
What’s up pussycat? Whoah whoah whoah!!!

Kamenashi’s comment on Nishikido-san and YamaPi withdrawal – aramatheydidnt
No hard feelings, right? Right?

2012 Calendar List – MELOS no Michi
We should just call this Wota Wallpaper and sell it by the roll.

Why were JE groups back in the days (Hikaru Genji, Shibugakitai) breaking up after less than 10 years of being together but groups nowadays since Smap (like V6, Tokio) have been going well beyond their 10th anniversary? Is it because the industry’s rules have changed or is it mainly the member’s own preferences? – Cho Scandalous
Wow! A very nifty explanation here which gives a great historical view of the development of idols.

Timbaland gives the Wonder Girls support on Twitter – allkpop
This shout-out actually made me sit up and take notice, which is saying something.

I Can’t Kiss You? Honey, I don’t wanna kiss you – Beckii Cruels ‘ ‘You Can’t Kiss Me’ LoveRush UK remix – Okay! Musume Time
Chiima bitch slaps Beckii around some, and I’m giggling throughout.

Kissing photos between L’Arc~en~Ciel members published on “FRIDAY” – aramatheydidnt
Hyde was told he couldn’t kiss Beckii, so he was stuck with THIS.
Their name means “rainbow” so I guess they’re living up to it now?

NMB48 Unveil PV’s For 2 B-Side Tracks – IXA Ready
Is it me, or does that club-based PV remind anyone else about AKB’s videos from the first couple years?

Tina Yuzuki ~ DGC No.625 – Jappydolls
I used to whistle Duran Duran whenever I see her; now I whistle the title song from the wonderful animated movie.

Where have all the gyaru gone? – aramatheydidnt
Aging gyaru deserve to have their own mall in some rural area, where they can graze and shop and try on make-up for the rest of their natural lifespans.

Goto Maki’s 8th PB Announced, Titled “go to natura…” – Hello! SayuNii
The big question, though, is will she go au naturel this time?