Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – October 15th, 2011

Ray’s Picks

A Look Into Tsunku’s Decision – Tsunku and 5pb to Open an Idol Café – Okay! Musume Time
Chiima does some research and shows the other major player guiding this project.

The Whole of SDN48 is Graduating? – New School Kaidan
Dae suspects something may be afoot, but isn’t quite sure just yet.

Info: Bekah’s P.O. Box Address! – AfterSchool ❤
For those who want to continue to send their love and support.

No No No No No – idol love
Daielle made me laugh even as she pointed out how fucking creepy this MV is.

Nishikido Ryo comments about his withdrawal from NEWS on Music Station – aramatheydidnt
Ryo explains himself further, though I really didn’t think he needed to.

LEAVE RINA ALONE – aramatheydidnt
Yamapi’s sister is catching some flak? Really, that’s not fair to her at all.

Japanese girl group Perfume close friends with SNSD & KARA – allkpop
Anyone else picturing Nocchi and Goo Hara and Sooyoung playing a round of lingerie jello wrestling?

Super Junior to fly in a private jet in order to meet all their schedules – allkpop
Bruce Dickinson has agreed to be their pilot.

A new photo of 2AM shows they’re serious about skincare – allkpop
Either that or the Nightly Old Man Bukkake Ritual just ended for them.

Understanding The “Bagel” Girl – Seoulbeats
Personally, I like my bagels smothered in lots and lots and LOTS of cream cheese.

[IV] Tomoe Yamanaka ~ Neo White Label Part 2 – Jappydolls
Ah, our patron saint of Underage Gravure Hawtness graces us with another DVD.

Best Selling Artist from Okinawa Prefecture – Namie News Network
Given her longevity, not surprising – though SPEED should’ve given her a run for the money.

Oshima Yuko Selected as Official FF13-2 Test Player – MELOS no Michi
The promise of Yuko cosplay will probably help gin up the enthusiasm some.

Dots’ homepage looks like he’s starting a new age… – Cho Scandalous
It could be worse. It could require 3-D glasses.

Fairies member Fujita Miria fractures her right ankle – aramatheydidnt
Best wishes for a quick recovery, idol who I don’t know!