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Recommended Reading – October 21st, 2011

Ray’s Picks

Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 New Single to be “Crayon Shin-Chan” Opening Theme -MELOS no Michi
All the Mister Elephant Dance jokes available to me are just overwhelming…!

Girl’s Generation’s “The Boys” MV receives 6.5 million views in 2 days – Koreaboo
A great sign for SNSD, but will it translate into sales?

Teddy Riley says he wants to work with BoA – allkpop
So let’s wait for the announcement… five, four, three…

Kimura Takuya pimps Nikon’s new line of “1” cameras – aramatheydidnt
I have to admit, Kimutaku does a mean Michael Jackson homage. He should do Dueling Michaels with Goro.

Peach John Fall 2011, Vol. 78 Catalog – aramatheydidnt
So do the AKB girls measure up against other Peach John models? Find out for yourself!

Ayumi Hamasaki – Five – Selective Hearing
Greg finds this EP moody and slow… kind of like Ayu herself lately, eh?

Mina’s Confession on AKB Confessions (on Tumblr) – Wota (in training)
The problem with confession is that it can’t be unheard.

Fujie Reina Stars in 3D Horror Movie – MELOS no Michi
But will she do at least one bikini scene to make full use of the 3D effects?

Ninomiya Kazunari becomes ‘Super Mario’ for “SUPER MARIO 3D LAND” CM – aramatheydidnt
Since he’s a sexual powerhouse, are we sure Nino’s not doing Ron Jeremy cosplay?

Be-ppin’s MY・EYE・AH PV + information – aramatheydidnt
Given that promo picture, does it REALLY matter if they can sing?

After School’s Kahi going back to school? – allkpop
Good for her!

Only 3 members of Big Bang to perform at 2011 K-pop Super Concert – allkpop
If I was the remaining three, I’d be verrrry careful and not tempt the fates.

A Review of Morning Musume’s new album ’12 Smart’ – The Blogpower!!!
A quick track-by-track from Kath with an overall favorable review.

A brief look at half and mixed Johnny’s (Juniors) – Never Ending Music Power
A handy guide for the curious.

Is 2NE1 Relevant in Japan? – Seoulbeats
A consideration of how good a fit the YG group is for the popular trends in Japan.