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Recommended Reading – October 22nd, 2011

Ray’s Picks

Mistress Michishige’s Sayuminglandoll Photobook Previews – Morningtime
One picture is described: “Like some kind of Japanese lolita idol Emma Peel as Queen of Sin.” Hey, I’M SOLD.

Pic of the Day – Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
Amen, Langdimus. Amen.

AKB48 23rd SIngle [Kaze wa Fuiteiru] Full PV + Narration + Impressions – MELOS no Michi
Alas, the message gets in the way of the deep dish weirdness. Just a little, but enough.

The Living Legend of SMAP – Never Ending Music Power
The History of Johnny’s reaches the modern era! I especially love the part about Tsuyoshi.

The Mixtape: allkpop’s Top 10 Banned Songs by the MOGEF – allkpop
A very fun idea, and a nice reminder of the restrictions placed on Kpop acts.

Hoshino Aki, Miura Kosei expecting first child – Tokyograph
Did they have a photo finish of the sperm that impregnated the egg?

Aya Ueto Shows Off Her Flawless Skin In New KOSE Commercial – aramatheydidnt
Ahhhh… yah! Love her love her love her!

Goto Maki – “YOU” PV Released – Hello! SayuNii
Gocchin gets all arty with this new video.

The Wonder Girls go Modern? – Seoulbeats
A thoughtful piece on the benefits and risks of this new stylistic decision for the Girls.

Perfume 「JPN」 Tour 2012 Announced –
I hear that they’re renting a huge inflatable pig this time around.

Mai Hagiwara – My My, Mai – Hello! Project Feet
No, the OTHER Hagiwara Mai.

Wardrobe Battle Royale: SNSD’s Hyoyeon vs. KARA’s Goo Hara – allkpop
Two of my favorite Kpop idols – but alas, the loser of the battle doesn’t have to strip in shame.

SMTOWN artists arrive in New York for SMTOWN LIVE in NYC – Koreaboo
To many New Yorkers, they’re just more bridge-and-tunnel wannabes.

As K-Pop expands, learning new languages becomes a priority for idols – allkpop
Heaven help me, Richard Pryor’s infamous skit comes to mind right now.