Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – October 31st, 2011

Halloween Picks

Have a Scary Halloween – Berryz Kobo International
Zush offers some Socko Scariness.

Happy HalloWasamin! – Chuo Dori
CK shares some choice AKB costumes.

Pic of the Day – Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
Scandal are a bunch of little devils… Little, sexy, luscious devils…

Twitter Update: Pumpkin Lizzy – AfterSchool ❤
The After School girl in a cute oufit.

Ray’s Picks

AKB48 Internet Service Provider [AKB48 OFFICIAL NET] – MELOS no Michi
Make an online baby with your favorite AKB idol… to promote an ISP? This is just so fucked up on so many levels. I’m hoping it’s a Halloween trick.

ZONE’s TOMOKA retires from show business due to health – Tokyograph
Here’s hoping she does better health-wise, and has a wonderful life!

The Wonder Girls unleash second batch of teaser photos! – allkpop

The Pitfall of Promoting Overseas – Seoulbeats
Exploring the dark side of ignoring one’s native fan base.

S/mileage – Additions and Subtraction – Kira’s Blog
Kira tries to make sense of everything that’s happened to the group in the past few months.

Momoiro Clover Z: Roudou Sanka – Pure Idol Heart
A concert battle with Tokyo Girls’ Style? Through in BiS and make it a cage match!

2NE1, Go Away – Seoulbeats
A very impassioned take on why 2NE1’s attempt to break into the Japanese market is just plain wrong.

Fan-Edited Video: “Lets Step Up” vs “Tap Slap” – AfterSchool ❤
Compare and contrast and clap and cheer.

Indonesia Meets Takahashi Minami Journal #1 – AKB48 Journal
A diary of Takamina’s visit, with some great transcripts.

Guest post: X Japan Live Report! X Japan10/28/2011 Seoul,… – jrocknyc
A great report on X Japan’s first show in South Korea.

2NE1’s “Hate You” producer responds to anti-Japanese remarks – Koreaboo
It’s a bitchy response, but about what this controversy deserves.

Jpop’s most glorious pvs to be released in a compilation box set – aramatheydidnt
THIS is impressive. And expensive.

The Fun of Crazy Ideas –
This is a comics blog, but its ideas on why fandoms are fun is worth reading.