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Recommended Reading – October 3rd, 2011

Ray’s Picks

I’m sorry if I can google this shit, but since you guys are THE JE experts, I’ll just be lazy and ask; what is up with JE and debuting new groups with something volleyball-related? Is it something like here in the U.S. with music industry+Illuminati, or Johnny Kitagawa wanting to make sure no other agency can come near the volleyball image song power monies? – Cho Scandalous
Long question, but the answer makes it worth it, at least for a JE noob like me.

Chilly autumn days – Berryz Kobo International
Some Berryz eyecandy to warm the cockles of your heart.

For one day Satoda Mai become a nursery school teacher & collection of her snooze photos~^^~ – Chuu Sugoi Idol
I was under the impression Momo wanted to be a nursery school STUDENT the rest of her life.

Arashi’s Jun Matsumoto shows some magic in new commercial – MomoEdgewood’s Mediawatch
Johnny’s entertainers know all about packing the fudge, it would seem…

Tegomass – Mahou no Melody FULL PV – aramatheydidnt
… And here’s more proof of same. Wow, this makes Arashi look like bad-ass biker fuckers.

SNSD impresses with their shiny legs at soccer tournament – allkpop

Not yet 3rd Single [Perapera Perao] – MELOS no Michi
More Yuko is always a good thing, but what’s with the schmattes they’re wearing?

Anri Sugihara ~ DGC No.977 [2011.10] – Jappydolls
Some of the finest, gravity-defining boobage in all of gravuredom.