Noteworthy Shorts: New life, Okay! Musume Time On Sexy Zone, Helping Out A Blogger’s Mom

New life- new blog

Raelyan’s blog refers to her baby, I’m assuming; however, there’s no recent posts about her pride and joy, this is firmly an idols and anime blog. The idol focus is on Hello! Project but others enter the mix such as Baby Metal (fuck yeah!) and Momoiro Clover; the opinions are strong, well-informed, and unapologetic, which is just how I like it. I also appreciate that discographies and related information are included in many write-ups, providing a useful resource for those who want to seek out more. (There’s also a quick post about Tsuji which may be a tad unfair, but made me laugh out loud. You’ll know it when you see it.) So give this blog a try – it’s currently in the middle of a 30-Day Idol Challenge so you can see if Raelyan’s tastes match your own.

You Get so Peadoliscious – Sexy Zone’s Debut: First Impressions – Okay! Musume Time
Five reasons to love this post: 1) I didn’t know there was a UK variation on the word “pedolicious”; 2) watching bloggers deal with pedolicious idols is always funny; 3) Horny Musume; 4) Morning Wood Musume; 5) Chiima’s become quite the capable JE blogger in such a short time! Kudos to her!

Can you help my mom buy food this Christmas? – fly in the f*ing wine

Mara’s been a solid blogger in the wotasphere and here writes a very special, very personal post about her mother, a hard-working journalist who’s having a difficult time making ends meet. Intl Wota has looked out for its own in the past, and this is no different: if you can spare a little something, Mara makes clear she would be very appreciative. I’ll be making at least a couple of contributions as the holidays approach.