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Recommended Reading – November 13th, 2011

Ray’s Picks

Berryz Koubou To Attend AnimeNEXT In New Jersey, USA – Hello! SayuNii
Mark your calendars, East Coast wota! This is it!

The Berryz are coming! The Berryz are coming! – Janakya Mottainai
AimxAim is ecstatic to have the Berryz coming to her home state, and explains why.

T-ara – Cry Cry – Music Video Review – I Am Ipodman
In this case, too much of a bad thing.

AKB48′s Oba Mina to return from suspension in January – Tokyograph
New year, clean slate… makes sennse.

Photo of the Day! – Genki Almost Idol
I don’t know why there’s a game show reference, but I don’t care.

CK in Japan (Yes again!) Fall 2011 Day One…Handshaking Already??? – Chuo Dori
He’s back in the motherland and doing his thang.

Waffles & advantage Lucy At Zher The Zoo – Japan Live
The latest from Ken M features a longtime favorite band.

IU: The Perfect K-pop Idol – Seoulbeats
An interesting profile on IU and how she manages to remain a soloist.

No One Likes You, Stop Being a Bitch About It & Leave Already – Selective Hearing
perfume444 gets smacked around some more, courtesy of Greg and his well-honed smacking skills.

PV for Momoiro Clover Z’s B-side, Santa-san, released! – Happy! Go! Lucky!
Jess has a well-informed look at this B-side and why it may sound familiar…

K-STAR News showcases the Wonder Girls’ Sohee – allkpop
Great to see my favorite Wonder Girl garnering special attention…

Have some AKB48 Xmas Cake with the ones you love with this new CM – aramatheydidnt
Acchan’s hyperventilating makes me wonder what’s being unwrapped that night.

New Hitachi CM by Arashi’s Ohno & Nino – aramatheydidnt
This is Ohno’s ideal menage a trois.