Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – November 19th, 2011


Ray’s Picks

Inoue Mao and Arashi draw a big crowd – aramatheydidnt
Yeah, but will any of them shove their whole fist in their mouth, the way SMAP’s Shingo did one year?

Arashi, Storming to the Top – Never Ending Music Power
For those of you needing to figure out who’s who in Arashi, the latest from NEMP’s excellent JE history.

Wanna see my full Ranking? Okay~ – Idols and Hollywood
A nice mix of H!P, AKB, and JE.

Brown Eyed Girls to begin overseas activities – Koreaboo
Maybe they should hook up with the Wonder Girls and scare the hell out of Nickelodeon.

Die considers this a less-than-memorable effort from Nakashima Mika.

Koe wo Kikasete / crazy girl – Gold Hikari
Die approves of this latest single, finding it a step in the right direction.

Subscribe to the official Namie Amuro Youtube Channel! – Namie News Network
There’s already a solid selection of PVs for your viewing pleasure.

SB Showdown: SNSD vs. Wonder Girls – Seoulbeats
Winner gets to have a knife fight with 2NE1.

Michishige Sayumi & Tanaka Reina Starring In A New Drama Titled “Suugaku♥Joushi-gakuen” – Hello! SayuNii
Extra points if either of them has to say “Math is hard!” each episode.

Kanna Arihara – Ano Toki Picspam! – Hello! Project Feet
Miss True Life Seek is still so hawt.

Oshima Yuko’s scans from LoveFoto! – aramatheydidnt
Yuko gets kinda freaky here – but the good freaky, not the breastfeed-digital-baby freaky.

Kikkawa Yuu-Konna Watashi de Yokattara PV preview – Janakya Mottainai
AimxAim is loving the song but finding the video quite lazy.

KAT-TUN-Birth PV preview – Janakya Mottainai
As long as know Kame is looking hot, that’s all that matters, right?

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