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Recommended Reading – November 21st, 2011

Ray’s Picks

Akanishi fierce to release new single +event at Yokohama Arena – aramatheydidnt
I have to give him props, returning home as the conquering hero. Chhhyeahhh!!!

Idol Challenge Day 11 – New life
I love Raelyan’s description of this idol…

Idol Challenge Day 12 – New life
… And I love THIS description of THIS idol even more.

Tiffany of SNSD’s white shorts: hot or too short? – allkpop
If anything, it’s not cameltoesy enough.

Previews for Fairies’ new single, Hero/Sweet Jewel Released! – Happy! Go! Lucky!
Jess is enjoying the latest from the fledgling group, preferring “Hero” to “Sweet Jewel”.

f(x)’s Victoria shows off her beard? – allkpop
Oh, I thought they meant her fake heterosexual life partner.

Where did H!P go? – Love’s Spell
Kiokuchan catches up on H!P news, including some welcome visitors heading to her home state.

Happy Pledis 2011 Flick: Pledis Boys & Park Junghyeon – AfterSchool ❤
Think they’d get lost in the hallyu mix if it wasn’t for After School? Me too.

The Current Laughable State of K-pop Girl Groups – Seoulbeats
Less a cry of disappointment than an excellent capsule history of Kpop girl groups in the past decade.

Weird choreography and plastic gone wrong. – idol love
It’s precisely acts like AA that make Danielle a necessary part of the wotasphere. “Paper bag this motherfucker,” indeed.

Mariko’s new Puccho Commercial! – Genki Almost Idol
Mariko could sell steaming buckets of Achhan diarrhea and the crowd would love it.

CK in Japan Fall 2011…The SKE Handshake Event– Chuo Dori
CK meets and greets the SKE girls, forever burning himself in their memories.

MFK vol. X – Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
This is the big one! And I know who I want for the K. Wink!

YG “New girl group signed a contract forbidding plastic surgery” – Koreaboo
YG also included a less hyped clause about starving the girls into skin and bones.

North Korean celebrities are struggling because of the Hallyu Wave – allkpop
I gotta echo one of the comments made: I didn’t even know North Korea HAD celebrities.

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha shows off her figure in Marie Claire magazine – allkpop
Still learning about BEG, so this was quite helpful.

Because You Were There for Me: Maeda Atsuko’s Mother – MELOS no Michi
This was actually quite heartwarming and made me shed a tear.

Maasa Sudo – On The Road – Hello! Project Feet
It’s the discomfort that makes it sexy.

Anna Tsuchiya new pv for SWITCH ON! and to release a best collaborations album. – aramatheydidnt
The video is fun and the song sounds great!