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Recommended Reading – November 29th, 2011

Ray’s Picks

Maeda Yuuka- 2nd PB Announced, “See You-karin” – Hello! SayuNii
Well, that’s the best we could hope for, right? I’m definitely buying a copy. Maybe two.

GACKT hospitalised – aramatheydidnt
He seems in high spirits for somebody in the hospital, but hopefully that means a speedy recovery.

Twitter Update: Kahi’s New Profile Picture – AfterSchool ❤
She’s looking kinda cougar-ish there, isn’t she?

SNSD members share their secret to maintaining long, shapely legs – allkpop
I was hoping injections of turkey fat were involved, but alas that was not the case.

GP Basic reveals “V” dance practice video – Koreaboo
Very very impressive, even if I’m missing Amet in the clip.

Aragaki Yui to be kidnapped by Ohno Satoshi in drama special – Tokyograph
That’s so funny – you know if Satoshi’d kidnap anyone, it’d be Nino to some weird bromantic sex dungeon.

Sawajiri Erika makes acting comeback in mobile drama “L et M” – Tokyograph
Great news, as she makes her way back to a viable career.

FIVE – Gold Hikari
Die considers this one of Hamasaki Ayumi’s best works and explains why.

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha poses seductively for Marie Claire – allkpop
Continuing to learn to appreciate BEG and their members.

The different kinds of extreme Johnny’s fans – MomoEdgewood’s Mediawatch
So there’s Bugfuck Crazy On A Leash and Bugfuck Crazy Off The Leash.

After School’s Jooyeon discharged from the hospital, to resume activities this weekend – allkpop
Great news for After School fans.

Tokyo Girls Style – Limited Addiction / We Will Win! ~Kokoro no Baton de Po Pon no Po~n☆~ – Selective Hearing
Greg is impressed by the career arc of these girls.

The Winners of the Perfume International Dance Contest are… – Perfume City
Congratulations to all the winners!

Idol Challenge Day 19 – New life
The answer surprised me, but makes a lot of sense. reveals project album with 2NE1 is almost finished – allkpop
That’s a step up from Teddy Riley, at least.

Saki Nakajima – The Pose – Hello! Project Feet
I did it for the Nakky, the Nakky, so you can take the… Oh, never mind.

Neaux’s pics for 2011 #7- #5 – Sparkplugged
Neaux continues his countdown.

E-Girls : Celebration! – Pure Idol Heart
So basically, we’ve got Girl’s Box Version… what? 4.0, I think?

Kis-My-Ft2 – We never give up! PV review – Never Ending Music Power
A very funny screencapped review that does a nice job of pointing out the PV’s flaws.

Who runs the Gravure World? AKB48 does! – aramatheydidnt
The AKB domination doesn’t surprise me, but the high placement of Risa Yoshiki does.

kame becomes a woman for anan – aramatheydidnt
I’ve had dreams like this and woke up smiling.

Super Junior’s Shindong transforms into Wonder Girls member Sohee on ‘Strong Heart’ – allkpop
I’ve had nightmares like this and woke up screaming.