Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – November 4th, 2011

Ray’s Picks

SDN48′s Last Hurrah – IXA Ready
Rumor has it that the B-side is called “Fuck You AKS And The Horses You Rode In On”.

BEG’s Crensing Cream MV – idol love
Danielle does her own interpretation of the MV and it’s priceless.

Unhappy = Ungrateful? – Seoulbeats
A thoughtful essay on the importance of artists airing their grievances and fans not taking it the wrong way.

Photo of the day! – Genki Almost Idol
A lovely picture of Hyoyeon of SNSD.

Arashi gives 300 million yen to disaster relief efforts in northern Japan – Tokyograph
It’s good to see the charity work continue.

Event Flicks: After School at Fan Signing for ‘The Saem’ 110924 – AfterSchool ❤
I like looking at the men in security or whatever – dude in suit, dudes in T-shirts.

Big Bang publicly appears as five + heads to Belfast for the MTV EMA – Koreaboo
The comeback begins.

YG Entertainment to take legal measures against malicious rumors about their artists – allkpop
A rather bold move, but will it only bring more light to these rumors?

Goo Hara shows a windswept look for ‘High Cut’ magazine – allkpop
A rather striking look for the KARA idol.

Preview of Miliyah Kato’s M BEST TOUR photobook – aramatheydidnt
I dunno, this feels more trainwreck than artistic to me.

Pic of the Day – Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
Ishikawa Rika looking quite lovely, as always.

Jay Park to help produce a new idol group – allkpop
Oh PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it be called 3PM!

Dream Morning Musume talks about their top5 best-selling singles – aramatheydidnt
So it’s a nostalgia act thing, but I LIKE this nostalgia act.

The American Media and K-pop: Pitchfork Edition – Seoulbeats
Pitcfork has noticed the hallyu wave… and approves?