The Recombinant Hello! Project

Hello! Project need some new groups. – The Blogpower!!!
Goto: “I would be delighted if they invited me to join Dream Morning Musume” – aramatheydidnt

Kath at The Blogpower!!! has a great short piece about returning one of the things that Hello! Project was well known for: having a shitload of minor units that mixed and matched members from the major units in new and exciting ways. It still happens sometimes, of course, especially if there’s an anime needing a new theme song, but Kath apparently means a focus on the more substantial sub-units along the lines of Tanpopo and MiniMoni, along with the more random groups like Gomattou (whose “Shall We Love” is still one of my favorites).

This strikes me as one of those cases of an absolute genius idea staring at you in the face, it’s both obvious and overlooked. And if anything, the whole Mobekimasu thing is a decent attempt at branding Hello! Project’s current line-up with all its suddenly pedolicious freshness, so breaking off into new sub-units should be an easy slide from there. I’d long been enamored with just how recombinant Hello! Project could be – back in my Cult of Pop days, I created a generator dedicated to making new units.

Speaking of recombining, Goto Maki has now stated publicly that she would like to be invited to join Dream Morning Musume. She’s not asking, nor is she saying they’re asking, she’s like letting it out there. And while some of you nostalgia-act haters are probably just rolling your eyes, I am getting quite giddy. It’s like Voltron missing its left leg for a long time and finally getting it added back on! And Gocchin’s not only made this desire known, she’s also revealed that she’d been talking with Nakazawa Yuko – i.e., getting in good with the leader of the gang (i.e., Voltron’s head). At this point, I’d be a little surprised if some kind of rapprochment ISN’T announced in the next few weeks. There’s just too much chatter to let this pass.

So… what do you all think? Should Gocchin come back to the hold, if only temporarily? And what would you like to see in a recombined H!P unit? I have to admit I’m at a loss, because most any new sub-unit I’d want would involve at least Riho and Yuuka and… well, that ain’t gonna happen, is it? But there are other possibilities out there, I’m sure – and what the hey, I still think it’d be a good idea to move Momoko out of Buono! and make her head a new MiniMoni. There IS potential there, it’s just a matter of figuring out the right idols fitting the right ways with the right sound. And I think that potential is what makes it such an exciting idea.