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Recommended Reading – December 11th, 2011

Ray’s Picks

Yazawa Erika, Fonchi to leave Idoling!!! – Tokyograph
Time to spread their wings and fly, it seems. I wonder if Suzuka Morita is considering the same thing.

BEAST to release “WELCOME TO BEAST AIRLINE” solo concert DVD next month – Koreaboo
So do they have connecting flights with Passpo Airlines?

Top 5 Hello! Project idols of 2011 – fly in the f*ing wine
An interesting list that shows the changing face of H!P – and the thank you at the end is wonderful!

Top —48 family songs and units of 2011! – fly in the f*ing wine
The Five Worst list intrigues me more than the Top Ten Best.

Yuuka Maeda – “See You-karin” PB Cover Released – Hello! SayuNii
The cover doesn’t concern me so much as the possibility of a good-bye cameltoe shot in the book.

Docu “To Be Continued” Lives Up to its Name – New School Kaidan
Dae Lee goes over what this sequel is covering and what it says about idols.

What 2NE1′s Visit to NYC Represents – Seoulbeats
Renie considers how this can be the perfect jumping-off point for 2NE1 to expand their success.

Because you were there for me: Oshima Yuko’s father – MELOS no Michi
I guess they’ve switched from mothers to fathers, and this story was really good.

Because You were There for Me: Kojima Haruna’s Grandfather – MELOS no Michi
My question is, How can you hide being an AKB member for five years? It must’ve been near impossible in that last year or two, when the group became huge.

Rina Nakanishi makes porn movie with her sister – aramatheydidnt
I guess we can call this a variation of AKB’s “Because you were there for me” series…