Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – December 4th, 2011

Ray’s Picks

Coverage of Maki’s “G-Emotion FINAL ~for you~” – Plastic Candy
A great summary from Alvy, with the special guest stars making me excited for the DVD.

Shinoda Mariko Stars in New Puccho CM – MELOS no Michi
The janken queen continues to cash in on her victory.

Because You Were There for Me: Shinoda Mariko’s Mother – MELOS no Michi
A fun little story about making the new girl feel welcome.

[PBSpam! Part IX] Now, tell me. WHY ARE YOU SO GORGEOUS? – Love’s Spell
Last but not least, a look back at one of Shinoda’s excellent photoboks.

S/mileage Please Mini Skirt Post Woman MV ! – Chuu Sugoi Idol
Little Miyo breaks down why she likes the, um, MV.

Taeyang & Seungri goof around backstage at ‘YG Family concert’ – allkpop
Why are Big Bang taking to the mattresses? Did they hit the Barzini family?

When I needed cheering up – Itsumo Genki
You’re very welcome! (And I should make a new version of this.)

Jmovie review: Guilty of Romance/Koi no Tsumi – HamsapSukebe
A fascinating review of Sono Sion’s latest movie.

Sakuma Kaho to graduate from PASSPO – Tokyograph
Hopefully she’ll recover now that she’s given up the strenuous idol life.

Dream Morning Musume to release first original single – Janakya Mottainai
AimxAim loves the group but is worried about the line distribution.

KARA’s Goo Hara brings back the ‘butt dance’ for Snickers CF – allkpop
Let’s be honest: if your teammate turned into Goo Hara, wouldn’t you at least make him give you a hummer before feeding him the Snickers bar?