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Recommended Reading – December 5th, 2011

Ray’s Picks

AKB48 to release megane photobook ‘Twenty-four hours’ on 12/20 – aramatheydidnt
I love girls in glasses, so this is definitely a great idea as far as I’m concerned.

Warp, Warp to the Future – New School Kaidan
Garry shares his thoughts on live streaming and what it could mean for the idol industry.

PASSPO☆’s Sakuma Kaho to Hold her last Flight – Graduation for PASSPO☆ – Okay! Musume Time
Chiima shares her personal thoughts on this bit of bad news…

Dream Morning Musume 1st single – Shining Hello! Project
… While Puolukka shares her own opinion on this bit of good news.

Photo of the Day! – Genki Almost Idol
Yes, her face. It’s her face I can’t stop looking at.

GP Basic releases holiday single, “Christmas Carol” – allkpop
A surprise as welcome as finding Amet and Zion wrapped and under my tree. Alive, that is. Alive.

Ishikawa Rika, Nakazawa Yuko, Tsunku-”Atsuhime Number 1″ Released Date Announced – Hello! SayuNii
Dream Morning Musume are certainly keeping active.

BABY METAL :Ijime Dame Zettai Teaser – Pure Idol Heart
Gaki shows you how to hear it.

Sexy Zone to be 2012 Harukou Volleyball Supporters – Never Ending Music Power
Not a surprising development, though Thennary Nak goes over some other wrinkles in Sexy Zone’s status.

Big Bang apologizes to VIPs at YG Family Concert – allkpop
G Dragon shows some class as Big Bang makes their comeback.

Yamada Ryosuke gets historical – Never Ending Music Power
Yamada looks sexy in any era, you know?

Pic of the Day – Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
More of the old school Hello! Project.

Tamaki Nami goes GaGa in “Lady Mind” – Neaux Clicked On It
Neaux notes some similarities in the latest from the popular singer.

New Tommy february6 / Tommy heavenly6 album! – aramatheydidnt
I dunno, at this point I’d rather just see Buri Guri return.

Yuuka Maeda – Beach Cutie – Hello! Project Feet
Enjoy her while you can, folks. Enjoy her while you can.

SPEED’s Uehara Takako files defamation lawsuit against Shukan Bunshun publisher – Tokyograph
The yakuza controversies continue, as Takako goes on the offensive.