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Recommended Reading – December 9th, 2011

Ray’s Picks

Yamapi’s new show [Route 66 ~ lone man’s America] – aramatheydidnt
I’m hoping for a bromantic meet-up with Bakanishi at the end.

exist†trace 2012 USA Tour – New York and Philadelphia dates announced – Selective Hearing
Get ready, Eastern Seaboard! Here they come!

2011: Chiima’s Top 5 for the Year – Okay! Musume Time
Hey wait a minute… Heart2Heart didn’t make any of her categories!

SNSD’s Jessica and Hyoyeon reveal they almost got into a fight – allkpop
I’d pay good money to see a knife fight between these two.

HyunA & Hyunseung to change choreography for “Trouble Maker” – allkpop
I was thinking they’d want MORE dryhumping, not less.

Makoto and Friends release another flawless PV – idol love
Love is in the air with this very appreciative screencap PV review.

There is more than one type of idol. Audry Hepburn x Mariko… – Idols and Hollywood
Shinoda pulls this off incredibly well, probably the only idol nowadays that could.

Wonder Girls’ Sohee wants to study at an American college – allkpop
Actually, she just wants to do keggers every Thursday and the walk of shame every Friday morning.

Big in Japan: MJ Tribute Live with awesome J-artists ^^ – aramatheydidnt
The King of Pop’s legacy lives on, as Ai, Crystal Kay, Chemistry, and others show.

Apink – My My – Music Video Review – I Am Ipodman
Ipodman deems the group “worth following” with this video. I may take him up on that…

Info: After School’s First Japanese Full Length Album “PlayGirlz” – AfterSchool ❤
There’s gonna be a Japanese PV for “Shampoo”? I’m curious to see how that goes.

[IV] Sora Aoi ~ Real Blue – Jappydolls
One of the greatest (AV) idols of all time! And I’m pretty sure she doesn’t fuck anyone in this video!

S/mileage’s new PV really delivers – Janakya Mottainai
AimxAim is liking this PV more than she thought she would, though she does find one aspect irksome.

Kuroki Meisa wallpaper for her latest single… – Karakui
I may tease about her musical influences, but she’s always been easy on the eyes.