Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – December 18th, 2011

Chiima’s Picks:

AKB48 monopolizes Oricon’s yearly single ranking ‘Top 5’ for 2011! – aramatheydidnt
I’m still waiting for world domination to come into effect… Personally, I think that AKB is the reason why 2012 will be the end of it all.

Kikka to release first album! – Janakya Mottainai
Aim is excited for this release, anticipating whatever Kikka happens to sing.

Information on SKE48’s 7th single, Kataomoi Finally – aramatheydidnt
Lesbians? This one’s going straight to #1.

Fudanjuku/Nakano Fujoshi Sitsers Two Sides Of The Same Coin – Pure Idol Heart
Gaki gives readers a great introduction to these two groups, and hopes for others to find an interest in these interesting groups.

Ray’s Picks

Ishihara Satomi & Seto Koji to star in new horror movie ‘Sadako 3D’ – aramatheydidnt
New Ring movie! More Sadako! And this time she’ll climb out of the screen for real! (Sorta.)

Hey, I want some Cider, too! – Buono’s ‘Hatsukoi Cider’ PV Review~ – Okay! Musume Time
Chiima does a great screencap review, very aware of how sharply divided people are about the song and video and outfits.

coincidence or not? you guise decide~ – aramatheydidnt
Next, SHINEE will rename themselves ARASHINEE and hope for the best.

Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (week of 12/11/2011) from H!O~!!! – Chuu Sugoi Idol
Sayumi’s answer is the best.

Hyoyeon admits to feeling upset over her stage outfits – allkpop
I’m surprised they don’t make her wear a red wig to complete the neglected stepchild metaphor.

Yuko Ogura says she’s happily married – aramatheydidnt
I love the picture of her and her groom – it is positively adorable.

They Work Hard For You – New School Kaidan
They work hard for our money / So you better fap all night.

Kare, Otto, Otoko Tomodachi eps 1+2 – HamsapSukebe
Akiramike is still willing to try out a three-sister drama, somehow. Speaking of which…

Flawless drama alert: The last ep of ‘Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu’ to have a partial live broadca – aramatheydidnt
Could it be? Could we see Yuko get molested by a man on live television?

Momoiro Clover Z to release another limited MomoKuri single, Shiroi Kaze! – Happy! Go! Lucky!
The part about UFI was particularly interesting to read about, and pretty heartwarming.

2011 Year End Recap: Of Graduations and Auditions, My Idol Love Lives On – Okay! Musume Time
Chiima covers just about every freakin’ event and group a wota could care about.

Shining Butterfly !panic! – Itsumo Genki
Isilie injects some common sense and unconditional Momusu love into the discussion.

[PB] Yua Aida ~ Tide – Jappydolls
One of my all-time favorite AV artists – definitely worth a look and a fap.

Young Jump No.03 [2012] – Jappydolls
It must be fucking Christmas because that’s Okamoto fucking Rei on the fucking cover!

Arashi tops Oricon yearly album ranking & music DVD ranking for 3 consecutive years – aramatheydidnt
Not to be outshone by AKB but… oh wait, they WERE outshone. TOP FIVE SINGLES, bitches!