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Recommended Reading – December 26th, 2011

Ray’s Picks

Wonder Girls’ Teen Nick TV show ‘Wonder Girls at the Apollo’ to begin airing in February – allkpop
Sohee is SO going to outshine Victorious and Big Time Rush. But can they topple iCarly?

Sexy Zone’s debut concerts announced – Never Ending Music Power
A wise move to start off relatively small and grow from there.

Wink’s Aida Shoko expecting first child – Tokyograph
Congratulations to the proud parents-to-be!

Merry Christmas! – Madara Blog
It’s an uphill battle, but Madara keeps trying each holiday.

SNSD to make European advancement in January – allkpop
They’ll start with Poland and slowly work their way to the Maginot Line…

Buono rocked the HP wotasphere this 2011 – Chuu Sugoi Idol
Little Miyo shares the readers poll results.

And your picks for Best of 2011 are… – Seoulbeats
The readers poll results are in…

K-Pop: The Concept Machine; Exploring the Best/Worst of 2011 – Seoulbeats
… And the staff discusses their favorite and most detested concepts of the year. SuJu isn’t spared.

The King of Eggplant is forever classier than none of them hoes! – aramatheydidnt
A rather restrained photo shoot for Bakanishi, but better for it.

Sweet Jewel by Fairies – PV Review – Happy! Go! Lucky!
Jess tries to help readers get familiar with the individual members of the group in this review.

The Top 70 Singles of 2011 – Wota (in training)
Seventy? That’s maybe sixty more than I could come up with.

A Very Passpo☆ Christmas – Pure Idol Heart
I guess they’re flying the Santa skies with their holiday outfits.

AKB48 Bring Festive Cheer To Fukushima – IXA Ready
AKB do their part for the holidays.

Momoiro Clover Z Rocks Saitama Super Arena – Pure Idol Heart
Marty Friedman rocks out with MomoCloZ? Hell yeah!

Fair Trade Commission Rules SM Guilty, Guilty, Guilty – Seoulbeats
We all knew SM was cockblocking JYJ, but will this change matters at all?

Stellar-Rocket Girl – Space Station No.9
I absolutely LOVE this song, but can’t fault the negative review for its main points.

Merry Pink Christmas!! – New life
Raelyan gives a nice reminder of what really matters most in this season,

Top 10 Favorite J-pop Songs of 2011 – Love’s Spell
A fairly eclectic selection of songs here.

S/mileage – “Chotomate Kudasai!” HQ Covers Released – Hello! SayuNii
All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Girls…