Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – December 27th, 2011

Ray’s Picks

Warning A NSFW post: World Masturbation Champion Prefers Anime Girls to Real Girls – aramatheydidnt
I hear the theme music of Rocky in my head while our champ’s in action.

Nacky New Year! Sayu all in 2012 – Morningtime
Oh hey, I can break the champ’s record with THIS.

Hero by Fairies – PV review – Happy! Go! Lucky!
Jess continues to push the group and helping readers figure who’s who. I’m beginning to better appreciate them now.

Morning Musume 9th & 10th Gen Online Talk Show Announced – Hello! SayuNii
The show’s slogan: “Trust no one under eighth gen.”

Sashihara Rino to Star in Drama [Muse no Kagami] – MELOS no Michi
Based on the plot, is this a case of art reflecting real life?

*Spoiler* Scans: After School – Korean Calendar 2012 Part 2 – AfterSchool ❤
Lovely, lovely eyecandy.

The K-pop Golden Child – Seoulbeats
I guessed JYPE’s child without a problem. But it leaves me asking: who are the redheaded stepchildren of Kpop, then?

J-Pop Top 100 Songs Of 2011 – IXA Ready
One hundred? It’s an interesting list, from what I can tell.

Kusumi Koharu is modelling for LAISSÉ PASSÉ 2012 Spring Collection – Kameilicious
Paul is back and he’s sharing his thoughts on the latest career move from Koharu.

Jmovie review: Hana no Ato/After the Flowers – HamsapSukebe
This swordplay movie starring Kitagawa Keiko gets a lukewarm review from Akiramike.

No Sleeves-Pedicure Day – Space Station No.9
An overall positive review, though Kojiharu gets shafted on her solo.

[IV] Rika Adachi ~ Maru, Sankaku, Heart – Jappydolls
haven’t watched this yet, but it looks very promising.