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Recommended Reading – January 11th, 2012

Ray’s Picks

Passpo fuckery – idol love
Danielle writes passionately and eloquently about the group trying to follow an AKB-esque strategy.

Morning Musume Pyoko Pyoko Ultra! PV – Pure Idol Heart
Gaki likes how this recalls older Morning Musume and Minimoni.

Morning Musume- “PyokoPyoko Ultra” Full PV Released – Hello! SayuNii
ladylibra92 finds aspects to like about this video.

The first of 2012: Shiny new PV mini-reviews! – fly in the f*ing wine
Momusu is only the first in a series of quick PV reviews from Mara!

Morning Musume- Pyoko Pyoko Ultra! PV – Chuu Sugoi Idol
Nekomimi loves the balance of the line distribution.

Watch Suugaku Joshi Gakuen While it is Still Up!! – Idols and Hollywood
I don’t even know if this’ll still be up by the time you read this, but give it a try.

News: Wonder Girls Releases Full PV of “THE DJ IS MINE” – Bump This
The hype is only going to build from here on out.

Johnny’s hook up rumours of 2011 – MomoEdgewood’s Mediawatch
Alas, this is all about the wimmen and not any rumors about… you know… intramural JE snogging.

加藤ミリヤ – Diamond Princess – Plastic Candy
Alvy’s J-urban series looks at Milliyah Kato’s 2007 album.

Harajuku Poupées: Gyaru – Plastic Candy
Alvy continues his J-urban fashion series and I grow so wistful over the ko-gals…

SUPER☆GiRLS Draws 5,000 Fans – Pure Idol Heart
Remember when they first started out and couldn’t sell enough tickets for a show? I’m so proud of them.

Aya Hirano to Star in Live-Action Muse no Kagami Show – aramatheydidnt
Aya is certainly keeping busy with idols, isn’t she?

FNS Music Festival Highlights, Part 2 – Madara Blog
Madara looks at a variety of artists including AKB48, w-inds, SPEED… and Matsudaira Ken doing a new India-themed song? Wow!!!

tumblush: C-ute’s Yajima Maimi and soloist Mano Erina are… – Idols and Hollywood
My daughter really liked how Maimi looked.

AKB Survey, “Who is your Oshimen in 2012?” – aramatheydidnt
This is because Yuko got laid in that drama, right? So will Acchan do the same now?

Erina Ikuta – Ryoukai! – Hello! Project Feet
I have to admit, looking very tasty here.

Selective Hearing 2011 Year End Recap: Hiro’s Favorite 2011 Japanese PVs – Selective Hearing
A good deal of AKB love made the cut, along with EXILE and others.