Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – January 14th, 2012

Chiima’s Picks

Give Me Five! Senbatsu and… Special Girls? – Nia’s Wonderland!
Nia wonders what the heck Aki P has been smoking this time, questioning the idea of ‘Special Girls’ – Well, Aki, you certainly made them sound like they’re special…

Front Girls I am Okay With – Nia’s Wonderland!
An interesting and well-thought out post from Nia, depicting why she likes certain front girls – Maybe a follow up post of who she dislikes, please?

Ray’s Picks

Happy 8th Anniversary Berryz Kobo – Berryz Kobo International
Unlike most of you latecomers, I was drooling over how sexy and fappable they were from the very beginning.

Watanabe Mayu Official Solo Website Opens! – MELOS no Michi
Hopefully there’ll be a page or two devoted to how magnificent her ass is.

PV released for S/mileage’s new single, Choto Mate Kudasai! – Happy! Go! Lucky!
Jess hates the song but finds the girls themselves – especially Meimi – save the PV.

Maeda Atsuko meets her doppelgänger in [Docomo Gakuwari] CM – MELOS no Michi
Unless older Acchan makes out with younger Acchan, I ain’t interested.

Not So Ridiculous Version of PyokoPyoko Ultra – Suugaku♥Joshi Gakuen Opening – aramatheydidnt
That boy should join Momusu in its eleventh gen.

Dir En Grey to Tour North America – Shattered Tranquility
The true crossover stars from Japan do another round in the our hemisphere.

Goo Hara thanks everyone who wished her a happy birthday – allkpop
That icing on her cake and nose… Oh, you know what I’m thinking.

CHIHIRO Full PV of “Forever” with Tarantula – Neaux Clicked On It
Come for the love story PV; stay to figure out what the rapper dude is hiding under that humongous hat. (My guess – a small pony.)

Oricon Yearly Charts 2011 –
I’m sure Aki-P is loving this list.

Pedicure days and manicure nights – Janakya Mottainai
AimxAim appreciates the full use of resources and energetic performances that went into this video.

I Missed Junjun’s Birthday… – Morningtime
A very nice – albeit admittedly late – tribute to the much-missed Panda. And that barbershop pic is VERY hawt.