Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – January 19th, 2012


Ray’s Picks

Niigaki Risa’s Graduation Concert Will Be At Nippon Budokan – Hello! SayuNii
Good news: A well-earned send-off in the venue she earned. Bad news: She’ll wear the chicken outfit for the entire show.

Akimoto Yasushi to Hire Lyricists to Help Write Lyrics for AKB48 – MELOS no Michi
Considering how many songs he writes for all the 48’s, it’s a wonder he didn’t do this earlier.

U.S. Justice Shuts Down Megaupload – Cliffbuzz
An ironic development on the day after the SOPA / PIPA protest, with some surprising twists of its own.

A Look into Jakarta’s Heavy Rotation – New School Kaidan
Dae Lee is tentative about the group, but this PV wins him over.

Wonder Girls to hold red carpet premiere to “The Wonder Girls” in L.A. + get a chance to win a ticket! – Koreaboo
They’ve gone all Hollywood! Or should it be Hallyu-wood?

E-Girls: New unit added, “bunny” – Pure Idol Heart
Which reminds me, I still need to learn who’s who in the E-Girls in the first place.

Sae Receives Bowling Mass Media Award – IXA Ready
Should we go with the “she bowls me over” joke or “I’d wanna ball her seven-ten split” joke?

Shinhwa to hold comeback concert on March 24th – allkpop
Start counting the days, folks!

Pic of the Day – Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
Seven years ago? I’d’ve married her fourteen years ago!

Yoochun’s face revealed to be smaller than a ramen cup’s – allkpop
This definitely passes the ironhead test! But does it surpass it?

Moriyama sensei and other memorable jdorama characters. – HamsapSukebe
Akiramike takes time to consider great characters that overshadow their actors.

Saki Nakajima – Nom Nom Nacky! – Hello! Project Feet
The feet don’t look so great this time, but the rest of Nakky is pretty heavenly.

Luna Sea: New Single Coming in March! – Cliffbuzz
The jrock world has much to rejoice over with this news.

Wonder Girls’ Sohee impresses netizens with her sexy hip line – allkpop
Newsflash: Sohee has a nice ass. Also, water is wet.

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