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Recommended Reading – January 9th, 2012

Ray’s Picks

AKB48/SKE48 Members Celebrate Coming Of Age Ceremony – IXA Ready
Congratulations to all these fine young adult ladies!

Celebrities who are coming of age today – aramatheydidnt
A more comprehensive list, with individual shots of each AKB and SKE member.

Mano Erina’s Coming of Age – Chuu Sugoi Idol
Manoeri leaves some comments about her special day.

Taiwanese Murder Suspect Commits Suicide – aramatheydidnt
The person was caught in the SKE48 theater in Nagoya, and committed suicide on the way to the police station.

Japanese tourists undergo plastic surgery to look like KARA – allkpop
But the real question is, did KARA undergo plastic surgery to look like KARA?

NYC – Wonderful Cupid PV review – Never Ending Music Power
Thennary doesn’t like the song or video; hilarity ensues with this post.

宇多田ヒカル – First Love – Plastic Candy
Alvy is taking the week to look at J-urban culture, starting with the 1999 debut album from Miz Automatic herself, Utada Hikaru.

倉木麻衣 – delicious way – Plastic Candy
Alvy continues hie series with this look at Kuraki Mai’s 2000 debut album.

Wonder Girls’ Teen Nick movie trailer revealed! – allkpop
I hope they put this on right after Kung Fu Panda because that show is hilarious.

Mr.Children: 20th Anniversary Best Albums & 2012 Live Tour Confirmed ! – aramatheydidnt
They originally wanted to tour as the opening act for AKB48, but were deemed not popular enough for the job.

YuiKaori to release new single – Janakya Mottainai
AimxAim is excited by the news, especially given the sporadic nature of their releases.

Your PV now with triple the Kikka – Janakya Mottainai
Alas, three Kikkawa Yuu’s did not translate to girl-on-girl-on-girl action.

Kimutaku puts his moves on Tomochin (as P-chan) – aramatheydidnt
Between this and the Goo Hara comment (and always being close to Shingo), I’m beginning to envy the bastard.

Karin is the only H!P Idol where if she up and left and joined… – Idols and Hollywood
Agreed, she is definitely ripening up some and needs more attention.