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Recommended Reading – February 13th, 2012

Ray’s Picks

GP Basic returns with new single, ‘Edge Ta’ + MV – allkpop
Not the group’s best, to be honest. But I’m loyal and Ahemt is looking lovely, so…

The idol’s mom, the underage boy and the media – aramatheydidnt
A detailed overview of what happened and when in the scandal involving Takahasi Minami’s mother.

Kuroki’s activities being cancelled – aramatheydidnt
Not clear if this is part punishment, part health concerns.

30 Day Idol Challenge 12 ~Hello! Project Member~ – Shanimuni Paradise
Going for one of the H!P Kids.

The not-so-random title of SHE! HER! HER! – Never Ending Music Power
The origin of the song title is explained… as well as a product tie-in.

Pic of the Day – Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
This is definitely very hawt in a gamer geek way.

Suzuki sensei ep 7 – HamsapSukebe
Akiramike enthuses over what may be the best episode of any dorama this season.

Twitter Update: Kahi – Set of ‘Rambling Girls’ MV – AfterSchool ❤
It looks like she’s practicing for a very intimate fan-meet.

Wink member Aida Shoko gives birth – Tokyograph
Congratulations to the happy couple!

Nana Ogura ~ Graphis Gals No.268 – Jappydolls
A great set from one of my growing favorites…

It’s not for Sayu-me – (W)otaku Mummy
Raelyan takes issue with Saymui’s most recent photobook – perhaps for all the reason pervs like me love it?

Hello Project Music 30 Day Challenge Day 01 – (W)otaku Mummy
Raelyan tackles a new variation of the 30 Day Challenge!

Wake Up Your Naked Soul, it’s Study Time! – StylipS ‘STUDY x STUDY’ PV Review!!! – Okay! Musume Time
Comic book theme and undertones of bloody murder? Count me in!

Kamenashi Endorses Panasonic and Gets Bombarded with Akanishi Questions – aramatheydidnt
Poor Kame. He should knock up some willing cougar to distract everyone from Jin.