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Recommended Reading – February 24th, 2012

Ray’s Picks

Ishiguro Aya & Tsuji Nozomi To Attend Dream Morning Musume’s Upcoming Concert At Nipon Budokan – Hello! SayuNii
My absolute favorite ever Morning Musume comes back to the fold!

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In attends ‘Linda Farrow’s 2012 S/S Collection’ launch – allkpop
Good Lord, she looks absolutely gorgeous in that photo.

Charting the success of the 48′s – Shoujiki Media
Some helpful charts to show how the groups are doing, and even where they’re headed.

Sasshi Becomes A Model! – IXA Ready
Sasshi’s meteoric rise continues!

Matsui Sakiko’s Solo Album Has Been Confirmed – MELOS no Michi
I think an AKB klezmer album would be the logical next step…

Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 to Appear in Crayon Shin-Chan Anime – MELOS no Michi
They’re keeping the 7 in the name, even after losing the girl who’s probably seen a Mister Elephant Dance up close.

Hey! Say! JUMP – SUPER DELICATE PV review – Never Ending Music Power
Not so heavy on snark, but an excellent screencap review of the video.

SDN48 [Yuuwaku no Garter] CD and DVD to release on 28 March – MELOS no Michi
If only there was some way to keep the SDN48 excitement going… Hm… Let’s see…

Photo – Idols and Hollywood
I love the confident, hand-on-the-hip straight-at-the-camera pose here.

Photo – Idols and Hollywood
Not a great pose, but very cute nonetheless.

Photo – Idols and Hollywood
That hip-pivot gives her a kind of swingin’ Bond girl vibe, doesn’t it?

Koki comments on Jin’s marriage – aramatheydidnt
Somebody had to say it.

“Go Round/YEAH-OH” Covers revealed! – Namie News Network
I dunno, she’s as lovely as ever, but it feels like the same poses year after year.

G+ Posts from Akimoto Yasushi – MELOS no Michi
It’s like finding out Santa Claus has been reading your present lists.

S/mileage 10th Single Announced, Titled “Dot Bikini” – Hello! SayuNii
THERE’S a promise if ever I’ve heard one.

Searching for Idol Perfection – Morning Musume. – THE Blogpower!!!
Kath runs some calculations and reaches a conclusion.

30 Fresh Faces Part 2 A – Pure Idol Heart
Continuing the series…

30 Fresh Faces Part 2B – Pure Idol Heart
More idols that can tickle your fancy…

My Gumball Headed Princess – Wandering Wota
Wota poetry! It’s always a good thing, and I love this one’s playfulness.

Overkill Could Damage Korean Wave, Oricon Chief Warns – aramatheydidnt
Well, no shit.