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Recommended Reading – February 25th, 2012


Ray’s Picks

Girl Group Wants Japan To Stop Killing Itself – Kotaku
It’s great to see AKB step up and address this issue (again).

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri rips Taeyeon’s shirt off – allkpop
*sigh* Oh, imagine what could have been…

~「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays~ (volume 9) – モーニングBerryz48
I know this goes against type for me, but I really do think Hirosue Ryoko has become more attractive as she’s matured.

2NE1’s collaboration track with m-flo revealed – Koreaboo
The two groups can exchange fashion tips, too!

The Flawless Princess and Her Wota – aramatheydidnt
I must admit, the part about writing down the names on presents? It made me cry a little.

Time for another Jin post – aramatheydidnt
On the one hand, baseless rumor so far. On the other hand… yeahhhh, I was wondering the same thing at first.

AKB0048 Anime Will Include Famous Seiyuus – MELOS no Michi
It IS puzzling why the idols can’t just voice themselves.

Aki-P on SDN’s Graduation… – aramatheydidnt
If this is the real reason for breaking up SDN, that’s total and complete bullshit.

Odds & Ends – Never Ending Music Power
A couple of group that are harder to define in the Johnny’s sphere.

Revised HamsapSukebe jdorama awards for 2005-2007 – HamsapSukebe
Akiramike looks back with a better view of the field.

Jin talks about fans throwing bras at him in concerts and sending flowers to Meisa for V-day – aramatheydidnt
I like the casual way he mentions Meisa, followed by a lapse into old-school Jin lechery.