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Recommended Reading – February 2nd, 2012

Ray’s Picks

Selective Hearing Roundtable – Them’s Fighting Words – Selective Hearing
The SH crew get together and try to figure out how bad Morning Musume’s ship is sinking. The most amusing part is Greg being the “old guard” fan; I got in at Nacchi’s graduation and still feel like a noob sometimes.

Selective Hearing Roundtable – Them’s Fighting Words Rebuttal – Selective Hearing
A wonderful response that looks at the bigger picture from a different angle. Definitely read this.

Morning Musume – Pyoko Pyoko Ultra – Selective Hearing
And Chiima reviews the single that got people fretting (again) in the first place (again)!

In which Isilie wonders about this “Project” part of H!P – Itsumo Genki
Meanwhile, Isilie is wondering if the other H!P groups – starting with S/mileage – are headed in the right direction themselves.

Shinhwa’s Jun Jin to feature in Stellar’s new MV – allkpop
If they let a different Shinhwa guest-star from MV to MV, that’d make a pretty good career arc.

Kanjani8′s Maruyama Ryuhei stars in sci-fi miniseries “O-Parts” – Tokyograph
Unfortunately, the O-Parts being referred to aren’t below the waist. I think.

30 Day Idol Challenge, Day 01 – My (Almost) Favorite Idol – Samurai Tamashii
Sagsousuke has to go to his third favorite, but makes a good case for her.

WHAT THE HELL… I’ve found my Nogizaka oshimen – Samurai Tamashii
An interesting way to find a new favorite – but also very compelling.

Jumpin’ For More – SUPER☆GiRLS ‘Everybody Jump!’ PV Review! – Okay! Musume Time
Chiima watches SUPER GIRLS jump jump jump jump jump… and loves them for it.

AKB48 anime [AKB0048] updates – MELOS no Michi
I’m still waiting to see who gets to play the tentacle-rapey monster.

Pic of the Day – Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
Oh, waiting for legal is SOOOOO narrow-minded.

Daniel Radcliffe chooses Tiffany as the prettiest Girls’ Generation member – allkpop
Harry Potter likes Tiffany and Taeyeon…

Girls Generation get the boys out! – Kameilicious
… But not as much as Regis, I’m guessing.

Alternate Angles with Airi Suzuki – Hello! Project Feet
Wonderful Airi eycandy.

Miryo, JoHoney, Whatever, She’s Still Alright – Seoulbeats
A balanced, thoughtful assessment of the mini-album.

MayuMan to the Rescue! – Watanabe Mayu’s ‘Synchro TokiMeki’ Solo Debut PV Review! – Okay! Musume Time
Chiima’s a MACHINE today, with yet another review – this one on Mayuyu and her elaborate D&D masturbation fantasy.