Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading – February 5th, 2012

Chiima’s Picks

What doesn’t AKB48 have: Design studio crafts AKB48 dolls – aramatheydidnt
I’ll tell you what they don’t have: Blow-up dolls, but with AKB48’s popularity, I expect we will be seeing some produced them very soon.

SCANDAL performs Harukaze – aramatheydidnt
I’ve never actually heard SCANDAL before now, and this is pretty impressive.

Pinku Project! – Genki Almost Idol
Martha introduces the Canadian Idol unit, who will soon debut, and tells us why she loves them.

Album Covers & PV Preview for Moretsu! – Happy! Go! Lucky!
Jess is blown-away by MomoClo’s new PV and covers already, despite seeing so little of it…

Mouretsu Uchuu 16 sec CM Preview – Pure Idol Heart
… And here’s the CM for it!

Ray’s Picks

Thoughts on New S/mileage and Chotto Matte Kudasai Review – idol love
Glad to see the Meimi love, but the Akari part is funniest.

jinsus spreads his knowledge of america in rolling stone – aramatheydidnt
Bakanishi opens mouth. Hilarity ensues.

Idol Otaku Inflict “Semen Handshake” on AKB48 – aramatheydidnt
Well, I knew this kind of stuff happens, but actually reading about it is… yuck.

International Ventures – Never Ending Music Power
At last, Golf and Mike get their turn in the spotlight!

Arama Original: Japanese Idol Timeline/Infographic – aramatheydidnt
A useful reference guide for idol scholars.

Do You Think You Got it? – Konno’s Story
The ultimate lesson? Popularity drives awards in the pop world.

How much does Girls’ Generation earn? – Koreaboo
it’s great to hear they’re earning good money, but what are they spending it on?

Japanese Government Employ AKB48 To Lure Chinese Tourists – IXA Ready
Hey, they could use some SDN48 almuni to help keep Chinese businessmen… ah… busy.

Pic of the Day – Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
Time to unwrap your present, Langdon.

30 Day Idol Challenge, Day 03 – I’m a Guy. And My Girlfriend is… – Samurai Tamashii
The choice is intriguing, and actually makes me wanna learn more about this idol.

O_O OMG Bikinis… – Samurai Tamashii
Next: recreating full-on bedroom orgies during concerts.

!HOT RELEASE ALERT! BENI is releasing a cover album!!! – aramatheydidnt
This sounds like a great idea for the singer to really showcase herself.

NMB48 Junjou U-19 Review (Single) – Shoujiki Media
A very nice review of the single (and its PVs) in various incarnations.

30 Day Idol Challenge 3&4 ~Girlfriend/Boyfriend~ – Shanimuni Paradise
Tsukiki makes some interesting choices.

I Wanna Bust Moves In a Miniskirt Too!! – Wandering Wota
An intriguing question is asked and I gotta agree: why doesn’t AKB48 have a dancing game?