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Recommended Reading – February 9th, 2012

Ray’s Picks

Akanishi Jin, Kuroki Meisa tied the knot on February 2 – Tokyograph
Well, talk about heaping surprise upon surprise! Happy one week anniversary to the couple!

Akanishi Jin to wed Kuroki Meisa – Never Ending Music Power
Thennary Nak considers the news and its place in JE history…

Akanishi Jin to wed Kuroki Meisa – Janakya Mottainai
As does AimxAim, who wonders where this leaves Jin career-wise.

Beauty? – Konno’s Story
An interesting thought piece on beauty, though I think a major contingent of males would place “huge knockers” as a high criteria for female beauty.

~Get your KIKS on Route SeXy 6~ – モーニングBerryz48
MB has a fun time looking at how sex can sell sneakers.

Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo greets her fans in English, Japanese, and Korean – allkpop
I’m very impressed by her fluency in English, but mostly just loving her for being Miryo.

Yamapi-Ai, Texas preview – Janakya Mottainai
Aim notes how un-Yamapi this song sounds.

SMAPxSMAP is ending soon? – aramatheydidnt
I like how the behind-the-scenes rumors fits into this possible turn of events.

SKE48 – Kataomoi Finally PV – Selective Hearing
I never was turned on by girl-on-girl. I prefer girl-on-guy-on-guy-on-guy-on-guy. Maybe in the next SKE48 PV?

Stellar returns to Mnet M! Countdown with “U.F.O” – Koreaboo
I like the song a lot, but it does sound like they’re rehashing all the best elements from “Rocket Girl”.

“Cleavage out, Legs in” — The Key to Understanding Ajosshi Fandom? – The Grand Narrative
James explains how the uncle-fan culture may have contributed to this fashion decision. Now I can’t stop thinking of the Terence & Philip song.

So My Friend Is An Anthropologist… – Idols and Hollywood
A fun look at a specific aspect of otaku culture and what was learned from it.

The Rise And Rise Of NMB48 – IXA Ready
A look at how NMB48 is on the rise with their latest single.