International Wota Closes On Its Fifth Cake Day

It was five years ago today that Intl Wota made its debut. At first, Intl Wota was making the best out of a bad situation: the aggregate site Feed of Pop broke, and I decided to make a new site instead of fixing the old one. I expanded my Sunday Blog Roundup feature on Cult of Pop 2.0 into a daily thing, with separate write-ups for each article, and asked other prominent bloggers at the time to join in.

Intl Wota was well received, its readership growing over the next couple years. I grew restless and decided to leave IW in the hands of others. A little over a year ago I returned to IW, and since then we’ve revamped the site a couple of times, changing it to better suit the demands it can place on the staff.

However, I’m growing restless again and knew it was time to close International Wota for good. I actually would have shut it down sooner, but figured reaching the five year mark was a worthy enough goal to see through. We’ve had a good run, the site has played itself out, and it’s time to move on.

This is NOT to say that the project at the core of IW won’t continue. I will keep on covering our corner of the blogosphere and encourage a sense of community among idol bloggers. But I’ll be doing so under a different model, with different rules, and a different domain. I’ve already started working on the new site, and it will debut in ten days’ time.

In closing, I’d like to thank everyone who’s contributed to Intl Wota – there’ve been over thirty since we first started – for their time, effort, and patience. I also want to thank all our readers, and all the bloggers we’ve covered over the years for sharing in our mutual love of idols of all kinds. I’d like to think that Intl Wota has not only done a good job, but also done some good – most notably with our auction to help disaster relief last year, but also in encouraging a dialogue among the overseas fan community about Japanese (and more recently Korean) idols. It’s exactly that dialogue which makes the overseas idol fan community worth covering, and which has grown increasingly sophisticated and productive in the past half-decade.

That’s all folks. See you on March 28!