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Recommended Reading – March 12th, 2012

Ray’s Picks

One year on since the Tohoku Earthquake, Marching J has raised more than 800 million yen – MomoEdgewood’s Mediawatch
Marching J ends on a high note, making an astounding amount of money for disaster relief.

Keiichiro Koyama says meeting earthquake victims made him grateful he was in Johnny’s – MomoEdgewood’s Mediawatch
I like how being an idol is seen as a positive role here and not just some frivolity.

#8 Otome☆Corporation (オトメ☆コーポレーション) – Pure Idol Heart
Office Lady idols? What’s next, nuns? Pharmacists? Train station attendants?

This Week in Music 03.14.2012 – New School Kaidan
Why hello, Station♪…

T-ara donates to the victims of the Fukushima nuclear disaster – allkpop
It’s great to see T-ara has their hearts in the right place.

Faithless But Longing – Plastic Candy
Alvy considers his love of TVXQ ans their split into two groups.

Nishino Kana sets digital record with 10 #1 consecutive singles – aramatheydidnt
Congratulations to Nishino, it’s interesting to see if she’ll build with this through more song apps.

Info: Jung ah and Son Dambi Recorded a Song Together! – AfterSchool ❤
It’s great seeing Jungah singing beyond After School.

Berryz Koubou – Be Genki (Naseba Naru!) PV – Selective Hearing
Greg, like myself, finds his superheroic expectations dashed against the rocks.

がんばろうニッポン – Genki Almost Idol
Martha shares a song with us to commemorate the Tohoku anniversary.

Girls’ Generation releases teaser for “Time Machine” PV – Koreaboo
I bet they’re going to make Hyoyeon play a Morlock.

Kis-My-Ft2 turn into girl band for new commercial – MomoEdgewood’s Mediawatch
I’m intrigued but not as turned on as I thought I’d be.

Kazuya Kamenashi wishes he could turn into a girl and wear skirts – MomoEdgewood’s Mediawatch
Now THIS turns me on… but only if Kame’s female self is named Meisa.

Pic of the Day – Your Opinion Doesn’t Count
Langdimus admires a geographical landmark.

Possible New Puccho CM. Kuchiutsushi no Puccho? – MELOS no Michi
I want to see them continue this idea with a mouthwash ad.

Hello! Project Feet Q&A for 3/12/12 – Hello! Project Feet
I like the advice to a boy who wants to meet girls who’ll enjoy his foot fetish.

Oguri Shun, Yamada Yu to marry on March 14 – Tokyograph
So it looks like Yu does prefer domestic over imports.

PV Round-up: Be Genki, Kimi wa Jitensha and Tasogare Kousaten – THE Blogpower!!!
Kath looks at three recent H!P PVs for us.